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Remedies for the Jet Leg. There are a number of natural remedies to prevent and overcome the Jet Leg. Everyone will choose the options that seem most suitable for their lifestyle. The body first needs time to get used to a situation that has led it to travel to numerous time zones.

There are numerous natural remedies to prevent and overcome the Jet Leg. Everyone will choose the options that seem best suited to their lifestyle. The body first needs time to get used to a situation that has led it to travel to numerous time zones.

I Jet Leg symptoms they include insomnia, loss of appetite, moodiness, reduced attention span and concentration. Some people may feel particularly tired after a long plane ride and struggle to resume the rhythms of daily life, especially with the return to everyday habits.

Sometimes after a long journey by plane it can be useful to allow yourself a day, or at least half a day, of rest to get back to natural rhythms before starting a vacation or resuming working life.

So don't forget to intelligently plan your trips taking into account the effects the Jet Leg could have on you. Here are some useful natural tips and remedies for prevent and overcome the Jet Leg.


Go to sleep early or later

If your trip will take you only a couple of hours forward or backward from the area you live in, but still fear the effects of the Jet Leg, try changing yours. sleep habits a couple of days before departure. Depending on which direction you travel, you may find that you need to go to sleep, for example, two hours earlier or two hours later than usual.

2) Have a light and healthy meal

When you are on a plane and it's time for lunch or dinner, don't skip meals and try to eat something healthy. Drink and stay hydrated. A healthy meal helps the body store energy, while eating something unhealthy tends to strain it unnecessarily. So get ready for the trip also from the point of view of healthy eating.

Adjust the clocks

Already during the trip by plane it could be useful to you adjust the clocks based on the time of the destination you need to reach. So, if your watch shows that it is time to rest because it is now evening, try to follow the new time immediately to get used to what awaits you in the following days.

Treat yourself to a massage

Once you have reached your destination, on the outward or return journey from your trip, you may decide to treat yourself to a good one relaxing massage. Air travel may have created tension, particularly in the back, shoulder and body area. Tension and pain can be considered among the symptoms of the Jet Leg. A massage could help you find some relaxation as soon as possible.

5) Aromatherapy

Among the natural remedies, here is that aromatherapy can relieve the symptoms of the Jet Leg. Aromatherapy suggests using mainly essential oils that induce a feeling of relaxation, such as lavender, sweet orange or chamomile essential oil. To relax, once you arrive at your destination, add a few drops of essential oils to the water in the foot bath or keep a handkerchief scented with these oils at hand.

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6) Get moving

The effects of the Jet Leg cause some people to want to spend a full day indoors, perhaps under the covers. Rest is more than right but it is also important go out into the fresh air and get moving. Especially when you arrive in a place you've never seen before, take courage and go out to discover what surrounds you. The enthusiasm will make you overcome the symptoms of the Jet Leg.

Drink a relaxing herbal tea

If your problem is insomnia, try once you get there drink a relaxing herbal tea before going to sleep. Try to avoid coffee as much as possible if you are concerned that it will help keep you awake in this situation. Since you are in a different environment than usual and perhaps brighter, wearing a sleeping mask may be useful for you to be able to fall asleep.

Stay hydrated

Both before departure and during the journey, do not forget to drink some simple fresh water and keep yourself hydrated. The body needs the right amount of water even when in flight, so as not to tire too much. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages, as they risk increasing the symptoms of the Jet Leg.

Read a book

This advice is especially valid for those who usually cannot fall asleep while traveling by plane or once they have reached their destination. If at home you are used to to sleep when reading a few pages of a book, do not forget that this could also be useful for you while traveling and always carry a book with you.


The circadian rhythm of dark / light and sleep / wake can be strained by the Jet Leg due to long air travel. In this case, among the useful remedies to consider we find supplements based on melatonin, which are used in different quantities in case of real sleep disorders or Jet Leg. Ask your doctor for more information on this.

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