How much water should you drink each day for proper hydration?

    How much water should you drink each day for proper hydration?

    The daily water requirement depends on age, but how to make hydration a consolidated daily habit?

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    The daily water requirement depends on age, according to a study conducted in Germany. But how to make hydration a consolidated daily habit?

    Water is essential for our well-being: it regulates the temperature of the body, helps the transport of nutrients, promotes metabolism; those who drink regularly are efficient, productive and have a lot of energy. Whether you are one of those people who are too lazy to drink, who only hydrate when they are thirsty, or those who always have a bottle of water with them to draw from from time to time, the question is the same: how much water to drink per day? The answer depends on many factors - such as age, medical conditions, state of health and the type of work or activity performed. (Read also: 8 glasses of water a day? Useless. Better to supplement with fruit and vegetables

    So forget the famous 'two liters a day' recommended by scientists: young people and those who carry out sedentary work have a greater need for water than children and the elderly, who have to drink less water. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung therefore defined guidelines on how much water to consume per day based on age:

    • Children from 1 to 4 years: 0,82 L / day;
    • Children from 4 to 10 years: 0,97 L / day;
    • Children up to 13 years: 1,17 L / day;
    • Children between 13 and 15 years: 1,33 L / day.

    Adolescents and young people have the highest daily water needs, which decreases with advancing adulthood and old age.

    • Children from 15 to 19 years: 1,53 L / day;
    • Adults from 19 to 25 years: 1,47 L / day;
    • Adults 25 to 51 years: 1,41 L / day:
    • Adults from 51 to 65 years: 1,23 L / day
    • Seniors over 65: 1,31 L / day.

    An exception is represented by pregnant and lactating women: while pregnant women need a quantity of water that is around 1,47 L / day, breastfeeding women must drink more (1,7 L / day ). Those proposed in this study, however, are obviously indicative quantities: in case of pathologies, special needs or disorders it is always advisable to contact your doctor to understand how much water we need. (READ also: Water: how much to drink, when and with what fixed residue?)

    But how to get used to drinking? Instead of trying to drink large quantities of water all together, we always keep a glass or a small bottle at hand (for example, on the desk while we work or study): in this way we will take the water in small sips, almost without realizing it; there are also apps on the mobile that can help us, with a sound or a bell, the need to drink every now and then. If we don't particularly like water, we can also take unsweetened herbal teas, hot or cold, during the day. Fruit juices or carbonated drinks (the so-called soft-drinks) are to be avoided, as they are very rich in sugars, artificial flavors and dyes. Coffee and black tea also contain water and contribute to the daily water requirement, but should be consumed in moderate quantities (and strictly sugar-free).

    Fonte: German Nutrition Society

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