Facial reflexology: all the benefits and an easy exercise to relax

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Have you ever heard of facial reflexology? It is a complementary natural therapy that involves massaging specific points on the face with the aim of relieving pain in a part of the body or rebalancing our emotional state.

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Have you ever heard of the facial reflexology? It is a complementary natural therapy that plans to massage specific points on the face with the aim of relieving pain in one part of the body or rebalancing our emotional state.

Facial reflexology refers to the Vietnamese tradition, meridians and acupressure points of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are hundreds of nerve endings on our face that correspond to different areas of our body.

The idea behind facial reflexology is very simple: massaging an area of ​​our face can bring benefits to the corresponding part of the body. The face massage, in itself, gives a feeling of great relaxation.

The areas of the face related to the parts of the body to be taken care of are stimulated with light touches and massages. Depending on the methods used by the wellness operators who deal with this practice, the face massage can be accompanied by the use of natural products such as rosehip oil.

Stress, insomnia, digestive problems, joint pain and hot flashes. Here you are some of the ailments who can benefit from the practice of facial reflexology according to a tradition that goes back to natural medicine.

Facial reflexology joins other similar practices which include, for example, the massage of the palm of the pano or the sole of the foot (foot reflexology). Traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that energy flows through our body by following 12 main meridians. When blockages occur along the meridians, energy cannot flow normally. Here then is the appearance of pains and other ailments.

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Facial reflexology works on dozens of different points on our face, except on the eyelids. This type of treatment is considered effective especially for those suffering from insomnia, stress e headache. It is important to understand what causes these disorders and which parts of the body suffer the most from them. For example, headaches or back pain could be related to work stress or an incorrect position at the desk.

According to the theories of facial reflexology, specific points on the face are connected to other parts of the body through meridians. Facial reflexology operators are experts in recognizing the points to be treated according to the problems present.

According to facial reflexology, the pressure of the fingers on certain points of the face can help to clear blockages in the body's energy channels and pave the way for one natural healing.

The use of reflexology as a healing technique has been known since ancient Egypt and has evolved over the centuries up to the techniques we know today. One of the most famous methods for facial reflexology was developed in Vietnam, in 1980 by professor Boi Quoc Chau and his team of doctors.

Facial reflexology treatments offer some important benefits: allow you to massage your face at any time of the day, once you have learned the right techniques, for example to relieve headaches, and do not require the use of needles or other expensive tools. Facial reflexology has both curative and preventive effects. The massages are performed gently and do not cause pain.

A facial reflexology exercise useful for relaxing

Here, finally, a simple facial reflexology exercise to be practiced to promote relaxation, as suggested by Reflexology Map.

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This exercise can be performed at any time, for example upon waking up or before going to sleep. It is a face self-massage very simple but at the same time effective that perhaps those who practice Yoga will already know.

1) Rub your palms together to generate heat.
2) Place your palms on your face, one on each side, near the nose, with the fingers pointing upwards.
3) Let your palms slide upwards, to the root of the hair, and then downwards, to the jaw and chin, stroking the face.
4) Repeat the movement several times for a few minutes. This exercise it serves to relax and is useful for activating blood circulation.

Read on Thu un deepening interesting on facial reflexology.

Have you ever tried a facial reflexology treatment? Have you found any benefits?

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