Does sunscreen really affect vitamin D production?

Can sunscreen impair the vitamin D production that starts when the skin comes into contact with sunlight? Let's find out.

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La vitamin D it is essential for our body, especially for the well-being of ours bones, the nervous system and heart, without it we would in fact encounter diseases such asOsteoporosis. We can get this important nutrient by following a diet that includes foods such as fish, milk, eggs or fortified foods, otherwise the human body can get a certain amount of vitamin D when the skin is exposed to sunlight. (Also Read: Does Being In The Sun With Sunscreen Really Block Vitamin D?)

However, the sunscreen Could it Affect Vitamin D Production? Let's find out together.

Sunscreen and vitamin D

Many think that the use of sunscreen and other forms of skin protection leads to one vitamin D deficiency and that the best way to get enough vitamin is through unprotected sun exposure. Do not protect the skin from ultraviolet rays however, it can lead to the development of another large number of health problems.

Numerous studies have in fact demonstrated the benefits of sun creams. Using a protection 15 or greater, for example, reduces the chances of developing carcinoma the 40% melanoma by 50% e premature aging of the skin 24%. Prolonged unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to the development of serious complications, such as skin cancer e damage to eye health. Using sunscreen can avoid all of this.

Sunscreen is designed to filter out the UV rays that reach the skin, but it is the UV wavelengths that activate the production of vitamin D in the skin. For now, scientific studies have not yet shown that daily sunscreen use leads to vitamin D deficiency. Thus, the risk of vitamin D deficiency caused by sunscreen it is almost non-existent.

One explanation could be that, regardless of the amount of sunscreen used or its degree of protection, some of the sun's UV rays still reach the skin. According to studies:

  • a protection 15 filters 93% of UV rays,
  • a protection 30 filters 97% of UV rays,
  • a protection 50 filters 98% of UV rays.

Thus, 2% to 7% of UV rays reach the skin even when it is protected by sunscreen. Fortunately, our body doesn't need a lot of sun exposure to produce vitamin D. An unprotected exposure of 10-15 minutes of the skin is enough to get the amount of vitamin needed, but in that time your DNA can be damaged and lead to the development of skin cancer.

Does being in the sun with sunscreen really block vitamin D?

So how can I get the required amount of vitamin D? Simple, just follow a diet with foods rich in vitamins or you can use some supplements.

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