Cranberry Juice Pancakes [recipe without butter]

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Pancakes with cranberry juice, the recipe to prepare them without butter and with little added sugar

Pancakes with cranberry juice, prescription to prepare the typical American blueberry-flavored sweet pancakes at home. Soft and with a delicate taste, they are usually served in breakfast, but they are also suitable for being prepared for a snack.

Typically stars and stripes, pancakes are also known and prepared in different parts of the world; the variations are really many and there are also in savory version. What unites them everywhere is the cooking method: in a pan for a few minutes per side.

In our version the basic ingredients (not very refined) are enriched by blueberry juice which gives a delicate aroma as well as a particular purple color that will really conquer everyone. With no butter and no added white sugar, cranberry juice pancakes can be served with fresh fruit or a little agave syrup and chopped almonds.


  • 130 1 grams of flour
  • 1 egg
  • 150 ml of cranberry juice
  • 3 gr of honey
  • 2 gr of baking powder
  • sunflower oil to taste
  • Preparation Time:
    10 minutes
  • Cooking time:
    5 minutes
  • Rest time:
  • Dose:
    4 people to
  • difficulty:

How to make pancakes with cranberry juice: procedure

  • Mix flour and baking powder in a bowl,
  • add to follow the egg and honey and start mixing everything,
  • to merge finally also the blueberry juice and continue to work the mixture until everything is well blended,
  • lubrication a pan lightly with a little oil, heat it, then put a couple of spoonfuls of the mixture into it, cook the pancake until bubbles form on the surface, then turn it with a spatula and continue cooking for a few minutes,
  • cooking when finished, place the pancakes on kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil and continue in this way until the mixture is finished.
  • I pancake with cranberry juice they can be served still hot or even at room temperature.

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