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There are several short-term remedies that do a great job, such as coffee and various medicines. However, in order to guarantee a lit and constant energy it is necessary to appeal to natural remedies that really help the body and mind.

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Lack of energy, depression, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, are factors increasingly present in our days that negatively affect our work, school and often also our relationships with relatives and friends.

There are several remedies that do a great job in the short term, like the coffee and various medicines. However, to guarantee us aconstant and lit energy it is necessary to appeal to natural remedies that really help the body and mind.

Here are some simple and inexpensive tips:



Is very important drink at least 2l of water per day because our body uses this substance for various "jobs" such as digestion, purification and so on. It is good to drink the water mostly broth or room temperature because it is more easily assimilated.

It is not necessary that those 2l are just plain water, indeed it is very important also eat fruits and vegetables because the water found in these foods is pure and beneficial.

I'm from avoid fruit juices which are found in the trade, because in their production they lose all their nutritional properties and also their vitamins. Those they contain are often added later, in their inorganic form, along with plain tap water and various preservatives, dyes and flavors. For this the best solution remains a beautiful one homemade juice, maybe with organic oranges or buy directly from the farmer.

Green light also to herbal teas and natural energy drinks.

Vitamins and minerals

Every day our body needs to minerals and vitamins - even if in our days we do not carry out too demanding physical activities - which activate the "workers" of our body (enzymes) giving us energy and strengthening our immune system.

As I said also in the second pillar, it is important though avoid filling with pills and know that the vitamins and minerals are useful to our body only in their organic form. Otherwise, it would be enough for us to eat some earth or lick the stones to fill up on minerals.

The only "living beings" capable of transforming minerals and vitamins inorganic in minerals and organic vitamins are plants.

Then a nice fruit smoothie or vegetables in the morning can only recharge us with vitality.

Don't mix fruit and vegetables in smoothies though, because from a digestive point of view it is a perversion.

Foods rich in good fats, omega 3 and lecithin

Choose i good fats for your body. The omega 3 which promote skin health have an antidepressant effect and are an excellent energy resource. Foods rich in omega three are: fish, walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, natural eggs, those of the grandmother's hens so to speak.

Avoid i sweets, pampering, coffee and other "goodness". As I said before, they work in the short term, but you risk becoming addicted to these calories and, in a short time, you will see them where you least want them.

The sleep

Is very important enjoy quality sleep. And it is not even the 8 hours that define the quality of your sleep: you can wake up full and energetic even after only 6 or 7 hours of sleep. The important is go to sleep at the same time all the time, To avoid weigh down your stomach before sleep, hydrate our body well and a few other things explained well in this previous article.

Physical activity

You can go to the gym, the swimming pool, soccer or you can simply carve out 30-45 minutes at home to do some exercise three or four times a week. You can do these exercises in the morning, before breakfast and thus find yourself in front of one day full of energy and vitality.

Lphysical activity and sport are not just for the costume fitting: they are a physical necessity like food, water or air. They are used to make our body understand that it is useful to us and to keep it active. Indeed, paradoxically, the more we stress our body the more energetic and active we become.


Give the right weight and the right importance to things, neither more nor less. Do not get stressed and do not allow the environment, people, things, emotions to control you. Always remember that you will have the control over everything that happens in your life alone se learn to control yourself.

Even in the worst case scenario, different people can react differently and not out of selfishness or malice. Simply because, according to our values ​​and beliefs, each of us gives a different importance to things and it is precisely this that affects our emotions, our moods and, often, also the actions that we then go to. do, the importance we give to things according to how we interpret them.

Whenever you feel sad, angry or stressed, to feel better reduce the importance you place on that event or that situation that has led you to feel this way and save your energy for those activities that you are passionate about e make your life better.

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