10 natural methods to detoxify the body

Spring is the time of the year when you feel more predisposed to devote yourself to a period of detoxification and purification of the body, with particular reference to nutrition and the well-being of the digestive system. In this regard, there are different schools of thought, methods and natural remedies that can be adapted to suit your needs and based mainly on the consumption of light plant-based meals and drinks with beneficial effects.

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Every now and then, especially at the end of the season, it is good to dedicate yourself to a period of detoxification and purification of the organism, with particular reference tonutrition and well-being digestive system. There are several in this regard schools of thought, methods and natural remedies adaptable according to your needs and based mainly on consumption of light meals plant-based and drinks with beneficial effects.

We briefly present some of the most used and widespread remedies, which you can discuss with your doctor and according to your needs.


1. For the liver

To favor the functioning and purification of the liver one should enrich one's diet with bitter herbs and wild like the dandelion. Other foods listed are carrots, celery, beets and rosemary. Among the spices they are recommended turmeric, cumin and curry. As for drinks, we do not recommend the intake of milk, coffee and fizzy drinks, to be replaced with natural water and apple juice without preservatives and added sugars.

2. For the intestine

Among the substances considered able to help theintestine in the elimination of waste and any harmful bacteria are there apple vinegar, aloe vera juice e probiotic ferments. THE cloves and some medicinal herbs such as mugwort wormwood are believed to be able to create a hostile environment in the intestine against harmful bacteria. It is also possible to contact centers specialized in colon cleansing means hydrotherapy.

3. Semi-liquid diet

A semi-liquid diet properly performed with the intent of purifying your body under medical supervision could include the intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, vegetable soups and purees, smoothies, linseed oil, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and plain water.

4. Heavy metals

In case you need to detox from excessive accumulation of heavy metals in the body, including aluminum, mercury, cadmium and lead, an important help could come from food choices based on the selection of fruit, vegetables and cereals of biological and biodynamic origin, which have therefore not been treated with pesticides. It is usually recommended to avoid food of industrial origin as much as possible, with particular reference to food and drinks packaged in metal containers.

5. Only raw

Among the various remedies for the purification of the organism there is to take only raw plant foods for a short period, in order to favor the activity of the digestive system. They may include fresh fruits and vegetables, shoots, dried fruit and oil seeds.

6. Short fast

It is a fasting program based on the exclusive intake of fruit or vegetable juices and smoothies, whose duration may vary from one to three days. It is possible to face periods of fasting of longer duration, according to your needs and always under specialist supervision. Foods recommended for the preparation of beverages include: apples, carrots, spinach, pears, kale, ginger and green leafy vegetables.

7. Ayurvedic Detox

Traditional Indian medicine, said Ayurveda suggests following one periodically mono-diet based on kitchree, a single dish consisting of mung beans, basmati rice, onions, garlic, ginger and turmeric. The kitchree is considered a perfectly balanced dish and able to help the body in its purification processes.

8. Candida

In case of candida it is generally not recommended to follow one diet that excludes foods containing yeast as much as possible and other foods considered capable of promoting their proliferation such as refined flours, sugars, fruit juices, spirits, nuts, mushrooms, cheeses, yogurt, vinegar and soy sauce.

9. Spices

There are some spices and herbs believed to be able to favor body purification processes. They can be taken daily in small quantities, except for particular contraindications. Among them we find: oregano, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, fennel, black pepper, parsley, rosemary and turmeric.

10. Master Cleanse

It is a detailed fasting program, prevalent mainly in the United States, based on the intake of fruit and vegetable juices, citrus juices and lemonades with the addition of maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The days of fasting vary according to need. Transition phases usually take place at the beginning and at the end of the program. Once the fast is over, solid foods are replenished with light meals. In this case, do-it-yourself is strongly discouraged.


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