You won't believe it, but milk chocolate doesn't make you fat either. Provided you eat it within this hour

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Starting the day with milk chocolate could have unexpected benefits: it reduces the sense of hunger and helps control weight

Starting the day with a little chocolate (even milk!) Could have unexpected benefits: researchers have found that the daily intake of milk chocolate impacts the maintenance of body weight - as long as it is consumed at a certain level. Now.

Who would have imagined that eating milk chocolate every day is a valuable aid in burning body fat and lowering blood sugar levels! A new study has shown how this food, which has always been demonized as an 'anti-diet', favors the maintenance of the right body weight for women in menopause. A team of Anglo-Spanish researchers analyzed the behavior of 19 postmenopausal women who consumed 100 grams of chocolate daily - some in the morning (one hour after waking up), others in the evening (one hour before waking). go to sleep) - and compared the data on weight gain with women in the same condition who did not eat the food.

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According to research, consuming chocolate (both in the morning and in the evening) does not necessarily lead to weight gain, but it can affect hunger, the sense of appetite, the composition of the microbiota, the rhythm of sleep and much more. Furthermore, while the morning intake of chocolate can help reduce blood sugar levels and burn fat, the evening intake alters the metabolism during rest.

Our results show that not only 'what' we eat, but also 'when' we consume certain foods has an impact on the physiological mechanisms involved in regulating body weight. researchers. - The volunteers who participated in the study did not gain weight despite the calorie increase. The results of the study show, however, that chocolate reduces energy intake, with a consequent reduction in the sense of hunger and the desire for sweets (as already shown in other studies).

@ FASEB/onlinelibrary

While the benefits of milk chocolate are indisputable, according to this study, not all chocolate is created equal. The advice remains to always consume a high quality product (possibly organic and fairtrade), and to prefer dark chocolate to milk. 

Fonte: The FASEB Journal

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