Wine: it is good for the heart but only if associated with regular physical activity

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Wine protects the heart but only if associated with moderate and regular physical activity. These are the results of a new research

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Are you sporty and do you like to practice physical activity at least twice a week? Good! Then you can indulge in some good wine (but always in moderation) confident that this will do good al your heart.

To say this is a new study conducted by researchers from Palacky University in Olomouc in the Czech Republic and presented in Barcelona during the congress of the European Society of Cardiology. The research entitled "In Vino Veritas", the work of Milos Taborsky and colleagues, claims that to have cardiovascular benefits you can drink red or white wine indiscriminately, the important thing is that regular physical activity is associated with it.

To reach this conclusion, the research team carried out a randomized trial comparing the effects of the two types of wine on atherosclerosis markers analyzing a sample of 146 people with mild or moderate cardiovascular risk. The results highlighted that a quarter of a liter per day it is the quantity not to be exceeded if you want to protect the heart and that, contrary to popular belief, white wine also works well for this purpose.

In fact, they saw each other the benefits on good cholesterol (HDL), recognized as a cardiovascular protection factor: “In those who drank and did regular physical exercise, HDL levels increased, while LDL levels and total cholesterol were reduced. With both red and white wine, ”said Taborsky. However, the same did not happen if one drank only wine and did not do sports at the same time.

To evaluate any differences in the consumption of white wine and red wine the participants were divided into two groups and monitored for one year. The indications were not to change their diet but while one group had to consume only white wine, the other instead had to drink only red wine.

Conclusion? Enjoy a good glass of wine but never forget to dedicate too time each week to physical activity!

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