Red wine against stroke, diabetes and cancer thanks to resveratrol

    Red wine against stroke, diabetes and cancer thanks to resveratrol

    A molecule contained in red wine, resveratrol, helps at-risk individuals such as the obese to reduce blood pressure, fat accumulation in the liver and blood sugar

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    Resveratrol, has an almost unpronounceable name, but this molecule, present in Red wine, it is of great help to anyone who is potentially at risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This was discovered by a team of experts from the laboratories of the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, according to which this antioxidant has the ability to reduce blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

    Looking at 11 men, obese and therefore potentially subject to risk of contracting the metabolic syndrome, i.e. diseases such as strokes, heart attacks and type 2 diabetes, the researchers subjected the volunteers to a month of daily treatment with 150 mg of purified resveratrol, contained in the Red wine.

    And the results did not leave room for doubt, given that all the subjects thus treated, after a month had shown a reduction in energy consumption, a lower accumulation of fat in the liver, and still lower levels of blood sugar and systolic pressure in five-point lower average.

    But where is the resveratrol? Particularly present in the grape skin, and clearly in wine, this molecule is also produced by some plants as a self-defense tool against fungi and parasites.

    It is therefore a natural compound that affects the energy metabolism and mitochondrial function by reducing metabolic alterations in obese humans and simulating the effects of calorie restriction.

    And you, obese or not, never miss a glass of wine at the table. There are numerous benefits, but without exaggerating. And if you are an expert, don't miss the eco-friendly drinker's decalogue.

    The results of the research were published in Cell Metabolism.

    Francesca Mancuso

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