Tumors and metastases: it is (also) the fault of refined sugar

New research confirms the harmfulness of refined sugar: it causes breast cancer and metastasis

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Sugar is a lethal substance? It seems so and to confirm once again the harmfulness the University of Texas thinks of the refined one, which in a research found that high sugar consumption (the amount of a typical Western diet) is linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer and lung metastases.

The study basically found that taking sucrose typical of Western diets led to increased tumor growth and metastasis when compared with a diet based on starch and not sugar. Researchers determined that sucrose-derived fructose facilitates lung metastases and the production of breast cancers.

According to American scientists, sugar acts on an enzymatic signaling pathway known as 12-LOX (12-lipoxygenase).

One of the authors of the research, Lorenzo Cohen, PhD and professor in Palliative, Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine, points out that they would be precisely the sucrose and fructose, present in large quantities in what we eat, to constitute an element of risk.

HOW TO AVOID SUGAR - Remember to read the labels on the packages, avoid fast food and reduce the consumption of alcohol, fizzy drinks or canned foods. The negative effects of sugar immediately jump to the eyes: tooth decay, diabetes, weight gain, increase in blood glucose values. Also keep in mind that not only classic white sugar, but also artificial sweeteners can be harmful to health and raise blood sugar. Using artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin and sucralose is not a good solution for avoiding blood sugar problems and being overweight.

The App - From England comes a new smartphone application: it is "Sugar smart app”And was created by Public Health England, an agency of the English Ministry of Health with the aim of revealing the sugar content present in drinks and food. The App works by scanning the barcode of over 75 thousand products, allowing you to immediately know their composition, including the grams or equivalent sugar cubes present, and also providing the limit grams of sugar to be consumed every day.

Germana Carillo

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