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Anti-cancer foods, what are they? Health starts from the table and there are now many studies that try to indicate the foods that contribute most to physical well-being and that help avoid more or less serious ailments: heart disease, cancer, premature aging, diabetes and others.

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Anti-cancer foods, Which ones are they? There health starts from the table and there are now many studies that try to indicate the foods that contribute most to physical well-being and that help avoid more or less serious ailments: heart disease, cancer, premature aging, diabetes and more.

All these diseases have in common the oxidation process which is caused by oxygen atoms devoid of an electron attacking nearby molecules and destroying them. To counter, and attempt to prevent this mechanism, the use of certain foods in our diet helps us. Even against cancer, therefore, pay attention to what we eat.

La cancer cell it originates from the combustion waste of the oxidation process (with oxygen we burn the calories introduced with food) through which we feed. The antioxidant substancesi counteract the formation of these cells.

We are what we eat: the foods that enter our body through the mouth are digested, metabolized and used to form new cells that will become part of our body. Of all the food we eat, we keep something, based on the characteristics of the food itself.

In recent decades, exposure to mutagens such as smoke and air pollution,abuse of refined foods and too high in fat, have doubled the incidence of cancer. The sedentary lifestyle and the stress we deal with on a daily basis do not help our health.

Little can be done against atmospheric pollution, much less against increased "natural" radioactivity. You can purify the air, humidify it, ionize it ... You can counteract electromagnetic pollution during the night: during the day our feet can send the electricity we accumulate "to mass", but at night? Have you ever thought about it? There are useful tricks, such as carbon fiber cloths for the mattresses. Actually what it is in our power is relative to our diet and the choice of power supply suitable for our health in terms of anticancer prevention.

Over the years we develop eating habits that we are taught and handed down from family life, starting from the first years of life, and very often we do not even ask ourselves if what we eat daily can be harmful to our health in some way.

The purpose of this table, taken from various sector studies, comments from doctors, chefs and nutritionists, is to report those that are still considered today foods that have antitumor properties that are not presumed but real.

First of all there'excess of meat and cold cuts, as, in addition to an abundance of saturated fats, they contain preservatives such as i nitrates which can be very harmful to our health.

It is also not recommended cook the meat on the grill; this type of cooking frees the benzopyrene, known carcinogen.

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Another type of cooking that should be avoided, or at least used very sparingly when cooking food, is frying; the high temperature in fact releases a carcinogenic substance called acrolein.

The same is produced by heating the non-stick pans and scalding the food, bringing it very quickly to very high temperatures.

the sugar is known: tumors feed on sugar. Better to take it easy, then and eliminate the white one.

Also 'excessive use of salt it is harmful for everyone, not just for those suffering from hypertension; it is composed of sodium, which is responsible for water retention and cardiac fatigue. Its abuse is correlated with the onset of certain types of cancer.

Recommendations for pregnant women and new mothers: eabsolutely avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs of any kind; avoid any type of radiation exposure (including those due to tests and treatments to fight cancer); whenever possible, breastfeed the baby for at least six months.

Advice for everyone: let's move! Let's move, keep the body in training, every day.

We develop endorphins that make you feel good and do not accumulate unnecessary deposits, in the extra pounds, making every cure more difficult.

If after living with attention and intelligence we will have to face this test, know that of tumor is cured. If the body is healthy, it will be possible to face the appropriate medical treatments with much more strength and regenerative capacity.

Angelica Pons

Doctor's note: "Ok to prevent, but then when you find yourself in the situation you have to deal with the hard way"



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