The foods you are most intolerant to

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Food intolerances develop above all towards certain foods, unfortunately those we consume every day and that we like best

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Medicine has not yet expressed itself clearly and clearly on the real possibility of developing food intolerances (a situation very different from that of allergies). Yet many doctors propose tests to understand if some foods have become indigestible for us, and indeed many patients find it beneficial to remove from their diet, at least for a period, the foods indicated by the tests.

Ma what are the foods we are most intolerant to? The answer is very simple: the ones we eat the most!

According to the most accredited theories, in fact, food intolerances develop precisely because we have somehow filled up with a certain food (or more), maybe we eat it in large quantities every day and our body is no longer able to metabolize it. and dispose of it properly.

It is therefore very common to find food intolerances towards the following foods:

- Latte and dairy products
- Wheat
- Beef beef, veal or pork
- eggs
- Tomatoes
- Mele
- banana
- Kiwi

He explained all this to us Alessandro Targhetta, doctor specialized in food intolerances.

In essence, therefore, food intolerance would be nothing else an accumulation of a certain substance that creates inflammation in our body by developing some symptoms which can be different from person to person and more or less evident or numerous depending on the constitution and the "weak points" of each organism.

But once born the suspicion of having developed a food intolerance how is it possible to find out which food or foods are bothering us? There are several methods, one of the most popular is the one that goes to evaluate presence of Igg4 (i.e. antibodies) to certain foods through a blood test.

Once you have identified the food to which you have become intolerant you have to totally eliminate it from your diet for a period which can be longer or shorter depending on the case (generally for a few months). It can then be gradually reintroduced once detoxification has been carried out, also using natural remedies that can help the excretory organs of our body to dispose of accumulated substances.

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