The dangers of baking that you don't expect (and that companies deny)

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We must avoid using aluminum in contact with raw and acidic foods but it is equally dangerous even when cooking in foil.

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Aluminum or silver paper, if you prefer. It is well known (and written on the packaging) that it is good to avoid using this tool in contact with raw and acidic foods. Not as emphasized, however, are the risks of cooking in foil.

Max Laudadio and the whole Striscia la Notizie team recently brought to the fore the topic of aluminum in contact with food and, after two years of work, they managed to demonstrate the danger of this tool that we often use too lightly in the kitchen. , "Forcing" the Ministry of Health to do the same, reaching the same result.

Traces of aluminum migrate into foods. That's why we don't have to wrap them directly in aluminum foil. But what about baking in foil?

Unfortunately, history does not change. Also in this case, using silver paper is dangerous and the manufacturers do not seem to be even aware of it or are turning a deaf ear.

In fact, if you go and see what is written on the aluminum packs to be used for culinary preparations, you will notice that, among the various tips for use, there is cooking in foil.

Indeed, until at least 2017, the danger of aluminum migrating towards food due to heat was underestimated and the Ministry of Health itself claimed that:

"The consumption of single foods cooked in aluminum foil does not pose a high risk to the health of the consumer".

Following the new tests, the work of the laboratories of the'Higher Institute of Health (about 500 tests according to Il Salvagente), the dangers have been confirmed. And Laudadio's investigation had also proved it by carrying out a double experiment, that is, by cooking various foods in foil wrapped in aluminum foil. with or without the use of acid condiments.

This type of condiments are absolutely not recommended precisely because they favor the migration of aluminum to food (and this is also reported on the packaging) but cooking in foil has presented the same problem even without the use of these condiments and therefore the risks are due to the contact with high heat.

Following these results, the ministry has activated a campaign on the correct use of aluminum in the kitchen, inviting all parents not to wrap their children's sandwiches with aluminum. The problem is that the manufacturing companies have not yet followed up on this alert e do not indicate the risks of cooking in foil, on the contrary, they enhance its functionality precisely for this type of cooking.

So it looks right urgent correction needed to prevent consumers who are not informed about the latest news and ministerial confirmations from continuing to use this material incorrectly and dangerous to health.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Pierpaolo Sileri stated that the ministry has, for months, written to the European Commission asking to discuss the aluminum problem in meetings dealing with food safety. The response from the EU on this matter is therefore also awaited.

The companies affected by the issue, awaiting further confirmation, are cautious even if Cuki, leader in the sector, does not exclude the possibility of changing the wording on the label.

In the meantime, we avoid cooking in foil and, as much as possible, the use of aluminum in contact with food, especially during pregnancy and with children under 3 years of age. Fortunately, there are many alternatives: the time has come to use them!

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