The 4 golden rules to awaken the metabolism

The 4 golden rules to awaken the metabolism

Does losing weight seem increasingly difficult to you? Here are four simple tips to wake up our sluggish metabolism

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Despite thephysical activity and a strict diet, you have a hard time knocking down chiletti accumulated during the Christmas holidays? Perhaps the cause is in the metabolism too slow, which - despite your best efforts - continues to be lazy, thus preventing you from losing weight. To awaken your body and help you in your diet, here it is 4 simple tips to get back in shape, without resorting to chemical substances "Miraculous" and harmful!


Eat fresh and natural foods!

Your metabolism needs fruit, vegetables, nuts and natural oils; abolish prepackaged and messed-up foods, sugary ones, with preservatives and sugar substitutes (such as corn syrup with fructose) and learn and read the labels carefully! So avoid buying products that contain more than three / four ingredients and opt for simple foods, preferring especially purifying fruits and vegetables, such as fennel, spinach, lettuce, oranges, apples, pecans, hazelnuts and almonds.

Eat at least 3 meals a day, preferably 5 or 6!

Never skip meals! Even if at lunch, or the day before, you have exaggerated with the quantities of food (for example on the occasion of a party, a wedding, a banquet, etc.) do not go fast for more than 5-6 hours. To compensate for the excesses of a too rich meal, at dinner eat a purifying salad, a soup of cooked vegetables, or a seasonal fruit salad, but avoid staying long without putting something in the stomach. Your metabolism will thank you.

Eat ten grams of protein by 10 am every day!

To awaken your metabolism from the early hours of the day, we recommend that you eat 10 grams of protein by 10 am. Green light to a rich and varied breakfast! And try to respect meal times: having breakfast at 11 will upset your metabolism for the whole day!

Exercise, but without too much effort!

Many complain, because - despite intense physical activity - they cannot lose weight. The reason lies in the type of movement that takes place. A sport that is too stressful from a cardiovascular point of view tends to burn muscle tissue and not fat. So try to opt for long walks, gentle gym sessions, simple leg exercises or exercise bikes.

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