Stress: Mindfulness meditation relieves it in just 3 days

New research has shown how you can relieve stress with just 3 mindfulness meditation practices of 25 minutes each

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Meditation, when practiced regularly, can help people a improve your physical and mental health. Several researches over the years have found its benefits but it often took several weeks of practice before showing results. Now, however, new research highlights as well brief moments of mindfulness meditation are effective in a few days against stress.

The study, conducted at Carnegie Mellon University and published in Psychoneuroendocrinology, aimed to investigate the effects of this type of meditation on resistance to stress of the people who practiced it, a sample of 66 healthy people between 18 and 30 years.

The experiment lasted only 3 consecutive days: to a first group it was proposed a 25-minute daily meditation practice while a second control group participated in a training program to improve problem-solving skills but without practicing meditation.

The short time available to the researchers was enough to see that the psychological stress of those in the first group was considerably alleviated. This was measured thanks to the saliva samples they went to analyze the concentration of cortisol (stress hormone) but also from the perception of stress declared by the participants themselves subjected to psychologically strenuous tests at the end of the 3 days: a math test and public speeches in the presence of an examiner.

Mindfulness meditation is basically based on exercises of conscious breathing e pay attention to the "here and now", that is to the sensations of the moment. This would therefore be the key that we all potentially possess to learn how to manage and control stress.

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