Stress as contagious as a yawn

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Like a yawn or a laugh, it seems that stress and tension can also be transmitted from person to person

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Un natural remedy against stress? Keep away from those who might contagious. And yes, because like a yawn or a laugh, it seems that too stress and tension can be transmitted Suddenly. And ruin your day.

According to a bizarre new analysis German, in practice, it stress he is able to flutter quietly from person to person, giving a devil per hair even to those who were comfortably enjoying life. In one fell swoop, therefore, nervousness kills two birds with one stone and the cause would be to be found in the levels of cortisol in the blood.

To support such a thesis is one study conducted by a team of scholars from the Max-Planck Institut for cognitive and neurological sciences in collaboration with researchers from the Dresden Polytechnic. In essence, the tension is transmitted to others with an ease that we - faithful followers of tear-jerking broadcasts and screaming arenas from channel to channel - could not imagine.

What does the TV? According to Central European researchers, it is not only your desk neighbor who is having a hard time that can transmit negative feelings to you, but it can also be those boring, irascible, whining guests that we often find ourselves on television.
In short, when there is stress, there is: you see it and experience it as a consequence even in the first person.

OUR OFFICE - German scientists reconstituted tense situations between study participants and immediately noticed that already just watching a person under stress is enough to increase cortisol production, the hormone produced by the adrenal glands and which measures our body's stress levels. In the experiment, those who looked at a very tense person recorded in their body an increase in the cortisol level of 26%. Not to mention when there were relatives involved: in these cases, when the volunteers focused their attention on a relative, the percentage of contagious stress even rose to 40%.

Why stress is contagiousFinally, according to the study, a real physical contact between individual and individual does not necessarily have to occur, but a relationship is also sufficient "mediated"And not direct. Just the television programs based on tears, anguish and various quarrels would transmit malaise and hormonal stress, even if in small percentages.

Ergo: to keep stress away, get one good laugh and stay away from those who are stressed out on their own. And no D'Urso after meals.

Germana Carillo

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