Pizza for breakfast? Better than cereals according to nutritionists

    Pizza for breakfast? Better than cereals according to nutritionists

    According to a British nutritionist, it would be preferable to eat a piece of pizza for breakfast rather than a cup of milk and cereal.

    Pizza for breakfast? As tasty and nutritious as it may be, it is a little difficult here with us - pioneers of the Mediterranean diet - to dedicate ourselves to such a meal to open the day. Yet the very best of nutritionists doubt puts it there and is ready to swear that at breakfast pizza would be healthier than most cereals.

    Compared to a cup of milk and cereals (and those as refined as they contain sugar), in fact, a slice of pizza might be a healthier option. A British nutritionist says it, so it would be preferable to eat a piece of pizza, albeit greasy, before 10 in the morning.

    It all depends on the composition of the products. In cereals there are practically no proteins or good fats, but too much sugar. On the other hand, pizza has proteins, carbohydrates and probably vegetables as well. That slice, if good quality, could be a balanced breakfast.

    "It may surprise you to find that a medium slice of pizza and a cup of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories," says nutritionist Chelsey Amer. However, pizza packs a much higher protein content, which will keep you full and increase satiety during the morning. "

    Of course, not all pizzas are the same, Amer is keen to emphasize. Pizzas with wholemeal flour, for example, and grilled vegetables are obviously healthier than those stuffed with meats and cheeses. Plus, he points out that compared to many breakfast cereals on the market, pizza is a more balanced meal.

    While it's true that pizza can be a well-balanced meal containing essential carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, it can't be said to be a healthier breakfast choice over cereal. Or at least we think so. For a healthy and balanced breakfast, just choose and select the right products, not least cereals.

    You could choose, for example, organic, unsweetened wholegrain oat flakes, which you can combine with fruit, fresh juice or milk (and plant-based milk is fine too). You could make your own muesli and add nuts and seeds to it.

    In short, breakfast is that ritual that tastes of sweet and good, of a warm embrace of a cup and biscuits to be savored one by one. Let's leave the pizza, exquisite and superlative, to the rest of the day!

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