Mediterranean Diet: Incredible New Brain Benefit Discovered When Combined With Exercise

    Mediterranean Diet: Incredible New Brain Benefit Discovered When Combined With Exercise

    Proper nutrition and some exercise pushes the risk of dementia away, according to a new Australian study

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    Proper nutrition (read 'Mediterranean diet'), combined with a little daily physical exercise removes the risk of dementia, according to research conducted by an Australian university.

    La Mediterranean diet - rich in fruit, legumes, grains and fish and free of substances such as saturated fats (contained in red meat) and alcohol - it is famous all over the world for helping weight loss and warding off numerous diseases, but now researchers from the University of South Australia give this eating style an extra value: combined with moderate physical exercise (performed every day) it would remove dementia and slow down the brain decline commonly associated with old age.

    The study plays a particularly important role in a country like Australia, where the population is aging massively and where it is estimated that a quarter of residents will be over 65 by 2050.

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    Dementia is a condition that affects the person's way of thinking and behaving, affecting their ability to perform everyday actions - explains the professor Karen Murphy, who contributed to the study. - While common in older Australians, we shouldn't think of it as part of the natural decline of the human mind. There are about 472.000 people living with dementia in Australia - costing the state economy more than $ 14 million annually, and this spending is set to reach $ 40 billion within the next XNUMX years.

    Currently there is no cure for this pathology, which is why it is very important to try to find prevention strategies. The research team observed 364 Australians between the ages of 60 and 90 who did not suffer from any cognitive pathology.

    Participants answered some interviews related to eating habits and lifestyle, and were gradually introduced to a change in diet and the progressive integration of moderate sporting activity. It emerged that combining the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and those of physical training can lead to further advantages that have not been investigated too much so far.

    It is not the first time that scientists have discovered that the Mediterranean diet has the power to protect the brain from the buildup of proteins that lead to memory loss and dementia.

    Fonte: University of South Australia 

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