It is possible not to gain weight during the holidays: all the tips from nutritionists for the Christmas diet

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The so-called "binges" of Christmas are approaching. Nutritionists give us some simple tips to avoid getting fat

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Christmas has arrived and, at least until New Year's Eve, it will be difficult not to succumb to the temptation to overdo it with food and drink, especially if we are invited to lunches and dinners with friends or relatives. Not getting fat during the holidays may seem like an impossible task, but in reality, following some advice from nutritionists, we can do it.

There are many people who in the long period of the Christmas holidays are afraid of gaining weight and for this reason they run for cover in advance. How? For example, paying attention the week before Christmas, in order to gain that advantage to recover during the holidays.

Those who choose this option rely on detox diets or more simple tricks, such as the one recommended by the nutritionist Sara Rucci that in the days preceding Christmas and New Year suggests eating, for both lunch and dinner, only a second course with a side dish (therefore without carbohydrates).

In particular on days 20-23, 27-30 and then 2-5 we should contain a lot to then be able to eat with more serenity on holidays, with a light heart, without giving up what we like most and avoiding limitations.

In an interview some time ago, the dietician Loreto Nemi he reminded us that in reality "you don't get fat from Christmas to New Year but from New Year to Christmas" (so the real problem is not the holidays but our daily habits) and had provided us with a series of useful tips to avoid overdoing it.

According to Dr. Nemi, during the holidays it is important do not overdo the portions and try to avoid bread (meals in this period, in fact, have more carbohydrates than usual).

It is also good to consume alcohol in moderation and since it is a party and we have more time, we try to dispose of it by moving: for example we can take a nice walk in the mountains.

Another helpful tip is to try and do one day of recovery, of compensation, which could include the elimination or reduction of carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, sweets by increasing vegetables, especially raw, and fruit. It is also essential to drink lots of water and possibly draining herbal teas.

Returning to the subject of portions which, as we have understood, are very important, if you do not want to deprive yourself of anything, at least try not to overdo it, especially with desserts.

Il nutritionist Flavio Pettirossi he advised us the ideal portions not to be exceeded of panettone, pandoro and nougat which are as follows:

  • Panettone and pandoro: limit to about 80 grams, to be consumed close to meals
  • Nougat:  about 20-30g at the end of a meal and not associated with other desserts

We talked about how to best choose these typical Christmas sweets in some articles where you can also find other tips for not gaining weight:

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