How we cope with stress and agitation with simple daily actions

Nature provides, in the hands of the doctor, various medicinal plants to counteract the physical and mental manifestations caused by stress.

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Stressful events and times can affect everyday life and diminish our ability to cope with daily challenges.

Natural remedies, combined with simple daily actions and healthy habits, can help us to deal with stress and agitation and to regain mental and physical well-being and balance.


Stress and agitation, what they are and how they affect our life

When we talk about stress we refer to a non-specific response implemented by our body to be able to deal with one or more external or internal stimuli that threaten the psycho-physical balance.

Stressful events, in fact, activate the sympathetic nervous system in a process known as "fight or flight" in which there is an increase in the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline which in turn causes an increase in heart rate and muscle tension which often, if the stress is prolonged or too intense, other manifestations are associated such as abdominal spasms, agitation and sleep disturbances.

These disorders may appear sporadically, for example in conjunction with important events such as a job interview, public speaking, or exam, but they can also affect longer periods of time and, depending on the duration and intensity of the stress response , the repercussions on everyday life can vary.

The most affected subjects are generally women, but anyone can find themselves dealing with the physical and emotional discomforts caused by difficult moments and situations, which stress body and mind.

If the state of agitation continues over time, this can compromise our well-being and our daily life, causing irritability, insecurity, difficulty in maintaining concentration and facing normal situations.

In these situations it is important to find the balance between mind and body to improve the quality of life. Simple changes in daily actions may be effective or, if symptoms persist, it is important to seek medical advice.

How to fight stress and agitation with natural remedies

How we cope with stress and agitation with simple daily actions

Nature provides, in the hands of the doctor, various medicinal plants to counteract the physical and mental manifestations caused by stress, states of agitation and disorders of the anxious sphere.

Hawthorn (Crataegus oxycantha), for example, is widely used for the regular function of the cardiovascular system. Hawthorn leaves and flowers contain useful substances to alleviate the ailments caused by stress.

In addition to hawthorn, a very useful plant for fighting stress is lemon balm (Melissa officinalis). The flowering tops of this aromatic plant contain essential oils, resins and bitter substances capable of promoting relaxation and a normal mood.

Lemon balm also acts on the gastrointestinal system and helps improve digestion, which is often compromised in case of stress and tension.

Hawthorn and lemon balm are the two plants found in vagostable, food supplement formulated to promote relaxation in case of stress.

vagostable it also associates magnesium with the action of these two plants, a mineral useful for supporting the correct functioning of the nervous system, which plays a fundamental role in states of agitation.

The administration of this supplement can therefore be useful to regain harmony and balance in a natural way by reducing tension and nervousness and helping to alleviate some typical emotional stress disorders, such as palpitations, malaise and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Simple daily actions to cope with stress and agitation

How we cope with stress and agitation with simple daily actions

Stress and states of agitation can be dealt with effectively with simple daily actions and habits that promote relaxation and balance between body and mind.

Proper nutrition and regular physical activity, for example, play a fundamental role in supporting the body to cope with stressful periods and life's difficulties.

Mental balance can hardly be achieved if there is a physical imbalance. Through a balanced diet we can in fact provide our body with the nutrients it needs to face daily challenges, while physical exercise leads to the release, by our body, of chemicals - including endorphins - which help regulate mood and coping with stressful situations.

In addition to nutrition and physical activity, other simple daily actions such as breathing control, meditation, yoga and listening to soothing music can prove to be very useful for controlling heart rate and agitation and improving control over own thoughts.

Cristalfarma has created a program called Have a Nice Day, where psychologists, yoga instructors and other professionals and experts make their knowledge available to help regain balance in highly stressful times.

After registering, you can take advantage of free dietary advice, breathing exercises, videos, guides and music playlists to clear your mind.

Thanks to these good habits and the support of specially formulated supplements it is therefore possible to find relaxation and well-being to face every little and big challenge in life with serenity.

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