How to use coconut oil to whiten teeth

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How to use coconut oil for healthy teeth and gums and for a whiter smile

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THEcoconut oil, how to use it for teeth and gum health and for a whiter smile

Coconut oil is a much discussed vegetable fat, actually several health benefits have been highlighted, but few know that it can also be useful for oral hygiene. Let's find out then how to use it to whiten your teeth.

To remove bacteria and have healthy teeth and gums we don't have to resort to chemicals, for example, you can use a natural product such as coconut oil. Among other things, this ingredient helps to make the teeth whiter and brighter, thus avoiding the use of chemical whiteners or the need for specific treatments for yellow teeth by specialists.

Using coconut oil for teeth and gum health is an ancient method used primarily in Ayurvedic medicine. In reality, it is basically a detoxification tool which benefits not only the oral cavity but the whole organism. According to this oriental medicine, in fact, what is known as oil pulling helps to purify the entire system of the body since, among other things, each section of the tongue is connected to various organs and tissues.

The presence of oil in the mouth not only cleans the oral cavity in a way similar to what soap can do on dirty dishes but also captures the bacteria and toxins present in order to disinfect and avoid the appearance of tooth decay, inflammation , halitosis and indeed yellow teeth.

The oil obtained from coconut is active in this sense thanks to the lauric acid it contains, a fatty substance capable of fighting bacteria and plaque that contribute to creating the problem of yellow teeth, acting among other things as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. .


Coconut oil for teeth and gum health

Specifically used inside the oral cavity, coconut oil offers the following benefits:

  • Whiter teeth: coconut oil is a natural, safe and side-effect-free product to use if you want to have whiter and brighter teeth. This is a great way to maintain oral hygiene and show off a beautiful smile.
  • Fights bad breath: probably due to its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria in the mouth, using this oil can help improve breath.
  • Reduce plaque and gingivitis: Constant use of coconut oil helps keep plaque build-up at bay and prevents gums from becoming inflamed. It is also a good way to treat bleeding gums.
  • Caries prevention: given its antibacterial effect, coconut oil is an excellent natural preventive method to avoid the appearance of cavities

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How to use coconut oil on your teeth

First you need to get pure, cold pressed and organic coconut oil. It only takes one tablespoon at a time to put in the mouth, letting it melt (usually coconut oil at room temperature is solid) and using it to rinse well over all the teeth and gums without ever spitting for about 15-20 minutes .

After the time has elapsed, the oil must be eliminated (do not pour it into the sink as it can clog the pipes) and rinse the mouth. This operation can be repeated a couple of times a week but it would be advisable, for better results, to be constant and to practice it every day.

It is best to use coconut oil as soon as you wake up in the morning, before eating or drinking anything whatever. Then, of course, it is necessary to proceed with the normal brushing of the teeth.

DIY coconut oil toothpaste

A faster alternative is to make a DIY toothpaste based on coconut oil in a very simple way and with few ingredients. To prepare it you will need:

  • half a cup of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 10 drops of mint or cinnamon essential oil


First dissolve or slightly soften the coconut oil if it is solid, then add all the other ingredients and mix well. The toothpaste should be stored in a glass jar and used as needed by simply dipping a teaspoon and applying a pin on the toothbrush.

Given the presence of sodium bicarbonate which in the long run can be corrosive on the enamel, we recommend that you use the DIY toothpaste only for a few periods (those in which you want to have whiter and brighter teeth) or, if you intend to use it daily. , you can eliminate this ingredient.

Also on the market there are kits based on coconut oil and mint to be used as a natural mouthwash

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