Granita: 5 do-it-yourself recipes

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Homemade granita. How to prepare granita. Granita, here is a refreshing alternative to popsicles or ice cream, 5 recipes to experiment

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granita, here is a refreshing alternative to icicles or gelato, which is possible prepare at home starting with a few simple ingredients. To prepare a granita at home it is not necessary to have an ice cream maker available.

Just use a normal blender or kitchen mixer and have some space in the freezer. If you are waiting for guests to offer the granita, remember to prepare it in advance. Here are 5 recipes to experiment with.


Coffee slush

The preparation of the coffee granita is very simple. It may be a good idea to reuse the leftover coffee. Just add a natural sweetener of your choice to cold coffee, for example whole cane sugar. Then pour everything into a small glass and place it in the freezer for the time necessary to allow the granita to reach the desired consistency. Stir from time to time and that's it.

Lemon granita

La recipe for lemon granita it is really simple, it will be necessary to mix the lemon juice with the water and sugar and then place in the freezer; the only precaution that you will have to have is to mix it often when it starts to freeze. Once ready, the lemon granita can be served immediately to fine grass or at the time of snack. Here is the step by step recipe.

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Watermelon granita

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The preparation of watermelon granita it does not require the addition of sugar, as this fruit is already very sweet in itself. To prepare a watermelon granita, freeze a slice of this fruit in the freezer, in a bag or in a food container, after cutting it into cubes. When the watermelon is ready, pour the cubes into a blender and add a small amount of tap water or cold mint infusion. Blend until you get a granita of the desired consistency and serve.

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Melon granita

To prepare the melon granita, cut a few slices of this fruit into cubes, after removing their peel. Blend the melon in a kitchen mixer or blender and add, depending on the amount of melon used, half a glass or a glass of syrup prepared with water and sugar, as indicated in the lemon granita recipe. Mix it cold syrup with melon smoothie. Pour everything into the ice cube trays and frozen. When the cubes are ready, chop them in the mixer or blender until you get your granita.

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Mint granita

To prepare the mint granita, bring 200 milliliters of water to a boil and add 4 tablespoons of brown sugar. Stir until the sugar has dissolved and let it cool. Add 100 milliliters of Mint syrup and mix all the ingredients. Pour them into the ice molds, leave to rest in the freezer until the cubes are formed and blend them to obtain your granita. For the preparation of the mint syrup we suggest the prescription di MariGio, one of our readers: let a handful of mint macerate in 250 grams of food alcohol at 95 degrees, add a cold syrup prepared with water and sugar to the alcohol. Mix the two liquids and filter after a few days.

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