Ginger and Lemon herbal tea: benefits, when to drink it and how to prepare it

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Ginger and lemon herbal tea, a panacea in different situations. Let's find out all the properties of this drink and how to best prepare it to make the most of the benefits it offers to our body.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea, a cure-all in different situations. Let's find out all the properties of this drink and how to best prepare it to make the most of benefits that it offers to our body.

Among the many varieties of herbal teas, a prominent place undoubtedly occupies the one based on ginger and lemon, two ingredients known for their marked beneficial properties.

The combination of ginger and lemon is a perfect combination both in terms of flavor and active ingredients. The root as well as the fruit have in fact anti-inflammatory, digestive, detoxifying and stimulating power of the immune system.

But let's find out more about all the benefits contained in this drink.


Ginger and lemon herbal tea, benefits

Drinking a herbal tea based on ginger and lemon is a simple, tasty and economical way to guarantee a series of benefits to our body:

  • Drain: lemon has a diuretic effect and naturally combined with water increases its power in this sense. The herbal tea therefore has an excellent effect on water retention.
  • Keep the feeling of hunger at bay: all hot drinks have a satiating effect but this one in particular, thanks to the qualities of ginger and lemon, has an extra edge. Drunk between the two main meals it helps to arrive at the time to get to the table without having an exaggerated appetite (useful for those on a diet).
  • Promote digestion: lemon, but also ginger, contain digestive active ingredients, thus helping the work of the stomach. Ginger root is also excellent against nausea and stomach acid.
  • Deflate the belly: the combination of ginger and lemon is perfect for promoting the elimination of intestinal gas. Drinking this herbal tea regularly, therefore, contributes to having a flat stomach.
  • Detoxify: ginger is an excellent detoxifier, therefore it supports the excretory organs in their detox work against the chemicals and waste present in the body.
  • Improve metabolism: ginger and lemon together also help to ensure that the body's metabolism works well and therefore the body is able to properly burn fat avoiding weight accumulation.
  • Strengthen the immune system: this herbal tea can help strengthen the natural defenses of our body so that it will be more ready to counteract the action of viruses and bacteria.
  • Preventing Cancers: lemons contain bioflavonoids that help prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells. Ginger also has similar properties.
  • Slow down aging: both ginger and lemon are rich in antioxidants that counteract the action of free radicals responsible for cellular aging.
  • Improve circulation and fight bad cholesterol: the active ingredients, especially those contained in ginger, help correct blood circulation and counteract bad cholesterol.
  • Keeping your blood sugar at bay: the high levels of zinc in ginger play a key role in the secretion of insulin, a substance that controls blood sugar levels. This herbal tea therefore helps to keep blood sugar at bay.
  • Anti stress: sipping this herbal tea calmly can also be a good anti-stress solution and help relax body and mind.
  • Effects on the skin and hair: thanks to the active ingredients of ginger and lemon (in particular antioxidants and some vitamins) this drink can also have excellent effects on the health of skin and hair that will be healthier and shinier.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea, how to prepare it

The preparation of this herbal tea is really simple and very few ingredients are needed:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ginger (grated)
  • juice of half a lemon (or two tablespoons)
  • 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey (optional, to be avoided if you drink the herbal tea for purification purposes)

First, boil the water then, after having washed and peeled the ginger root, grate a teaspoon of it and infuse it for about 15 minutes, covering the cup or saucepan where you are preparing the herbal tea with a saucer or lid. In this way the active ingredients of the ginger will have all the time necessary to transfer into the liquid.

Only when the drink is lukewarm, filter and add the lemon juice (if you like, put a freshly cut lemon slice in the cup). It is important that the drink is not hot as in this way the vitamin C contained in the lemon is kept intact (it is in fact a thermolabile substance that tends to degrade with heat).

Fresh ginger can eventually be replaced with powdered ginger even if in this way the taste of the drink will be milder. If you only have this variant of the spice at home and do not want to give up your herbal tea anyway, remember to halve the dose compared to fresh ginger, therefore use a small teaspoon of powder for a cup of water.

The herbal tea is delicious as it is but, if you like, you can enrich and sweeten it with one or two teaspoons of honey, an excellent solution especially for those with a sore throat or cough but not for those who want to promote detox through use. of this drink.

Cold ginger and lemon herbal tea for weight loss?

This herbal tea can be sipped warm or, in the summer, even cold since the revitalizing and beneficial effects are the same.

It can also be a valid support for those on a diet and planning to lose a few pounds. In fact, remember that this drink, if taken regularly, counteracts water retention, deflates the belly, improves digestion and counteracts the sense of hunger.

So all that remains is to prepare plenty of it, let it cool (better, however, not exactly cold from the fridge) and drink two or three cups every day. A great way also to reach the two liters of water recommended by experts daily.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea, variants

In addition to adding honey, other variants to enrich your ginger and lemon herbal tea are those that involve the use of stevia or baking soda.

If you want to sweeten the drink avoiding the use of honey, you can choose to add stevia (0 calorie solution) while if you want to make the herbal tea more active against the digestive system you can instead integrate with a pinch of bicarbonate of sodium which helps to counteract acidity and heartburn.

Other variants include the possibility of adding other herbs and spices with beneficial power such as:

  • Turmeric (grate a small piece of this spice with detoxifying power together with the ginger)
  • Cinnamon (leave the ginger to infuse together with a cinnamon stick to increase the draining power of the herbal tea, also increasing its ability to keep blood sugar at bay)
  • Star anise (combine ginger with a "star" of anise to give the herbal tea a more particular aftertaste and increase its ability to reduce abdominal swelling).

Ginger and lemon herbal tea, when to drink it

There are several situations in which a ginger and lemon herbal tea could be the solution. Its benefits can be experienced, for example in the case of:

  • cold
  • influence
  • cough and sore throat
  • abdominal pain
  • nausea
  • difficult digestion
  • water retention
  • high cholesterol
  • abdominal swelling
  • nervous hunger
  • slow metabolism
  • diet
  • Detox
  • relax body and mind

Ginger and lemon herbal tea, contraindications

It is above all the presence of ginger to be taken into consideration for some possible contraindications of this herbal tea. The spice, in fact, could be avoided if you take certain drugs (especially anticoagulants) or suffer from certain diseases (ask your doctor for advice).

To be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding for safety as there are not enough studies on this. In case of particular sensitivity to the stomach and intestines, it is good to evaluate the personal reaction to the drink and in case of side effects, choose other types of herbal teas.

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