Eating a large breakfast helps you lose weight

Lose weight? A hearty and healthy breakfast can help shed extra pounds. This was revealed by a new study conducted by researchers from the School of Public Health of Loma Linda University

To lose weight? A rich e healthy breakfast can help you shed the extra pounds. This was revealed by a new study conducted by researchers from School of Public Health of Loma Linda University.

It is well known that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Having a hearty breakfast is important but in the light of the new results it is even more so. The researchers found that the timing and frequency of the Easter they play a fundamental role in body weight.

Using information collected from more than 50.000 participants in the AHS-2 study, researchers discovered a number of factors associated with a decrease in body mass index. These include the presence of breakfast, which must never be skipped, and at the same time must be rich.

According to scientists, in fact, ensure that breakfast is the most important meal of the day involves a significant decrease in body mass index.

Hana Kahleova, one of the main authors of the research, has a winning strategy, emerged from the data examined: have breakfast and lunch, skip dinner, avoid snacks and fast for one night up to 18 hours.

Fraser argues that regardless of the type of meal, on average, there was weight gain from year to year until participants reached the age of 60. After that, most had experienced weight loss every year.

"Before the age of 60, those who consumed a lot of calories at the start of the day had less weight gain," explains Fraser, adding that after age 60, the same behavior tended to produce a higher percentage of weight loss than the average. All this is linked precisely to the presence of a rich breakfast.

According to Kahleova, the results confirm an ancient nutritional formula: "Eat a king's breakfast, a prince's lunch and a poor man's dinner."

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Even if the results of the study speak for themselves, it is good to remember that for lose weight you need a healthy and varied diet, rich in all nutrients, combined with physical activity. Diets without strict medical supervision are not recommended.

In our own small way however we can begin to eat right in the morning, avoiding i most common breakfast mistakes and in order to have the right energy to face the day.

Francesca Mancuso

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