Chilli makes you live longer!

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A habitual consumption of hot red pepper could also be good for cardiovascular health and thus extend life.

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Spicy red pepper: blessed are those who love it! Yes, because not only does it seem to help you lose weight and reduce stress, but its habitual consumption could also be good for you cardiovascular health and thus lengthen life.

According to research published in Plos One, in fact, and conducted by scientists at the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, in the United States, the consumption of hot red pepper would be associate with a 13% reduction in overall mortality and, in particular, it would be able to prevent the risk of stroke and heart disease.


THE STUDY - The research was conducted on the basis of data collected by the National health and nutritional examination survey III, a survey that monitored the nutrition of more than 23 American citizens aged 16 and over for 18 years. Examining the main characteristics of the participants, the scholars observed that regular users of the aphrodisiac spice par excellence tended to be younger, mostly male, white, married, with a habit of smoking, used to drinking alcohol and eating more vegetables and meat, characterized by lower levels of "good" cholesterol (HDL) or with a lower income and level of education, compared to those who did not consume chili.

The study authors analyzed the number of deaths and causes of death over a period of approximately 18 years and found that those who consumed the chili had a 13% lower risk of general mortality than the others, resulting more protected especially from cardiovascular diseases.


The merit? It would always be of the capsaicin which, just as it is able to give the chilli pepper its spicy taste and to trigger the weight loss by speeding up the metabolism, would also be capable of modulate coronary blood flow. Furthermore, this substance possesses antimicrobial properties which would be good for the intestinal flora. All features that could make hot pepper consumers live longer.

"Even if the mechanism by which the consumption of peppers could delay mortality is far from certain, the observed relationship could be due to the action of the Transient receptor potential (Trp) channels, which represent the primary receptors of spicy substances, such as capsaicin (the main component of chilli) - write the authors -. Based on the results of our study, which confirm the data obtained from previous research, it could be possible to say that the consumption of chilli or spicy food could become a dietary recommendation ".

Chilli a go go then! A great idea would be to grow it and always keep it fresh and available in the garden or on the balcony. Here are some tips on how to grow it.

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