Brown Rice VS White Rice: Which Should You Eat?

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Brown rice contains much more fiber than white rice, so it is an excellent ally for those who need to regulate their intestinal functions.

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Il rice it is part of our usual diet and in some parts of the world it is even the primary source of sustenance. The white rice, with a more beautiful and inviting appearance but definitely less rich in beneficial substances for our body than brown rice. For the uninitiated, rice is not born white but becomes white thanks to a refining process which deprives the grains of the peel but also of the bran and the germ, making it not only more appetizing but, above all, that it can be kept longer.

The 'real' rice, where by true we mean the food as it is given to us by nature, is actually that integral that is, that rice which, as soon as it is picked, is simply deprived of the outermost part (inedible) thus keeping all the nutrients present in the grain.

Il brown rice contains much more fiber than white rice, it is therefore an excellent ally for those who need to regulate their intestinal functions. Even at the level of amino acids, vitamins and minerals brown rice is definitely richer of the white one and offers a good amount of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, copper and zinc and vitamins E, K and group B.


Other benefits of brown rice:

  • It is a food easily digestible and assimilable
  • Anyone can eat it, even those who are intolerant to gluten
  • It is a detoxifying cereal (excellent for this purpose is also thecooking water that you can drink throughout the day with a diuretic and detoxifying effect)
  • It is a perfect food for those on a diet because keeps hunger well without weighing it down

How to cook

The only drawback that brown rice has compared to white rice is in cooking. If you don't have a pressure cooker, to cook this rice it will take you about 50/60 minutes (much depends on the type and quality of brown rice). Before boiling it (in two and a half parts of water for each part of rice), it must be rinsed well under water to remove any residues.

How to preserve it

Precisely because it is not treated, brown rice tends to deteriorate and go rancid before the white one. It is therefore important to keep it in a cool and dry place inside a glass jar or in vacuum bags and consume it within a few months. In any case, if you notice a strange smell, don't risk it, throw everything away.

All that remains is to indulge in some good recipes even if, personally, I love brown rice simply seasoned with oil and gomasio or sautéed with some vegetables and a pinch of turmeric!

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