Rice: eating it in the evening helps to induce sleep

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According to a Japanese research, eating rice for dinner would be a simple and effective way to enjoy a good, restful sleep

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Do you have trouble sleeping? The solution could simply be that of eat a plate of rice for dinner. According to a new Japanese research, according to which this food would be more suitable than others if you want to enjoy a good restful sleep.

It was to arrive at this conclusion a study conducted at Kanazawa Medical University and published in Plos One.

The researchers analyzed a sample of over 1800 people of both sexes between 20 and 60 years considering the diet that followed and the quality of their sleep. In particular, the participants had to report all the times they ate bread, rice or noodles while as regards the quality of their sleep they had a reference scale on an international standard (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality) which is commonly used in this type of research. .

At the end of the experiment it was possible to notice that people who ate rice most often (especially at dinner) compared to other types of carbohydrates were also what they slept better. Because? The answer given by scientists is very simple: rice has a high glycemic index and faster, compared to other carbohydrates, increases the levels of tryptophan precursor of the Serotonin, "Hormone of good mood" which among its various functions also has that of helping you sleep at night.

Obviously if you suffer from sleep disorders it is advisable, according to the research, eat rice for dinner. In this way, in fact, tryptophan can act directly at the right time, starting from a few hours before going to sleep.

You just have to try, considering then that among the sweet remedies to help sleep there are also plants, here we have listed 10.

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