10 things to give up to be truly happy

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What should we give up to be truly happy? Some attitudes are limiting. They hinder our expectations and the desire to live better and with serenity. Here is what we can give up in the name of happiness.

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What should we give up for be really happy? Some attitudes are limiting. They hinder our expectations and the desire to live better and with serenity that all of us feel at the bottom of our care. There are some emotional weights and some deleterious habits that we can abandon if we really want to embark on the path of happiness, not trivial, but authentic.

Sometimes we are able to complicate our life so much that we do not know how to recognize happiness when we find it in front of us and when we live it. Here you are 10 things we should try to give up in exchange for true happiness. The path may seem rather tough, but the reward will perhaps be one of the greatest turning points of our life, especially if we tend to be always worried, gloomy and in a black mood.



You can win without competing. Did you know? Everyone should go straight on their own path, following their dreams, desires and projects, without taking into account the goals (more beautiful, greater, higher ...) of others and, above all, without entering into competition with them. Because the real challenge is only with oneself. Life is not meant to be wasted in constant comparison with those around us, whether they are friends, acquaintances, family or even complete strangers who are easy to come across in the internet age. Look straight to the goal, do not be distracted by the goals achieved by others, but at the same time be open to help and collaboration, once again without competition. You will be the real winners.


It is not a question of expressing more or less constructive criticisms, but of taking part in real gossip sessions. The gossip it's a double-edged sword that should never be wielded. You get lost in gossip: first you enjoy being executioners and then you risk becoming the next victims. Let's forget the rumors, founded or unfounded as they are. Gossip is fun at first and can help bring a group of friends or colleagues together, but in the long run it becomes deleterious. It's useless. Instead of the usual gossip, better tell some funny joke. In addition to the common gossip, we also abandon the gratuitous malice expressed to known or unknown persons by any means.

Opinions of others

Only we know who we really are. We are not what others think of us and we are not even the sum of their opinions about us. Mostly, we are not the mirror of a judgment expressed, perhaps hastily, by others. And we should never fall into the trap of wanting to please everyone in order to receive only praise or to avoid criticism. Our personality would be completely distorted. It is therefore easy to rethink at this point the importance of being yourself without being dazzled or subdued by the opinions and judgments of those around us.


We try to quickly let go of anger and resentment when they come knocking on our door. Let's not hold them back, but let's learn to express them correctly and constructively. The liver is the organ that traditionally corresponds to anger and rage. Here, negative feelings accumulate that can lead to severe suffering, both physical and emotional. There stick to in Ayurveda it is considered as a fire that burns too much inside us and risks consuming us. From the point of view of nutrition, Ayurveda recommends consuming refreshing foods against anger, such as raw fruit and vegetables. Drinking something cold when you feel anger rising can also help calm destructive feelings and clear your mind.

Excessive seriousness

Let's never take ourselves too seriously. We go in search of lightness both towards ourselves and as regards the image we would like to give to others of our self. This does not mean suddenly turning into jesters. It is important to remain serious in carrying out your profession, but it is one thing to work scrupulously, while it is another thing being gloomy, always too focused on yourself, never a smile or a kind word to address to those we meet during our days. Smiling at yourself and at the world is the winning strategy to gain a few more moments of happiness.


We can't change our past, but we can shape our present and future. If we have regrets for a missed goal or for certain behaviors towards ourselves or other people, most likely we still have time to change course and to find the solution. There are also now useless regrets and unsolvable problems. In this case we try to abandon the thoughts and the weights that bind us too much to previous situations in our life and move on.

Unnecessary worries

If a problem has a solution, why bother? And if he doesn't have one, why worry about it any more? The unnecessary and senseless worries I'm a waste of time. They make sure that our thoughts continue to be channeled into a dead end and collide with an insurmountable wall. If you have an important decision to make, ask people you trust for help, but then take some time just for yourself. Relax, dedicate yourself to meditation, spend a day of complete leisure, perhaps regenerating yourself by walking in a park. Put your worries aside for at least a few hours, dedicate yourself to something else and then, if they exist, the solutions to the problems will come by themselves, perhaps with a sudden intuition.


We are not always victims. Sometimes we paint ourselves as victims. It is the called attitude victimhood, precisely of those who complain over all due to minor problems and of those who believe they have no role in being able to change the course of their life. With victimhood, we tend to put aside our responsibilities with respect to the goals we have set ourselves, including happiness itself. Sometimes unpleasant situations also affect positive people. To differentiate them from the others - in particular from those who play the victim - is the ability to react: they immediately put aside their complaints and take action to change things, even if only one iota.


Aiming for an absolute ideal of perfection can hurt and lead people to isolate themselves. In reality, given that each of us is a unique and always perfectible person, absolute perfection does not exist. It is not a question of giving up making the best of your work and passions, but of living in a more relaxed way and realizing that the overall success can sometimes count much more than the imperfect details that torment us. We can set a realistic goal and achieve excellence with respect to our goal without getting lost in the minutiae and above all without losing sight of the final project, in its totality and complexity.


Give up money - or rather, put it aside greed for money - is probably the hardest choice. There are people in the world who they live happily without money. They gave up their bank account and changed their lives. They are virtuous examples that not everyone would be able to follow, but which could nevertheless help us reflect. It is often said that money does not bring happiness, but that it can somehow help to obtain it. It all depends on the kind of happiness you want to achieve, whether material or internal. A very rich person may not necessarily be happier than someone who is not. From our attitude towards money and, above all, towards life.

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