World hand hygiene day: a video to wash them to the sound of music

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Washing your hands, a gesture that we take for granted but which we often do not do correctly. A music video explains the steps to follow

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Today May 5th is the World Hand Hygiene Day, born to remember how this small gesture, to be repeated several times during the day, can be useful to keep diseases, even serious ones, away.

In fact, we often forget that bacteria and viruses can settle on our hands and get inside our body especially when we sit at the table and bring food to the mouth. That is why it is especially important to wash your hands right before meals.

A gesture that seems obvious but instead we often do it too superficially and quickly. Few in fact are the people who know the correct way to sanitize your hands and for this purpose explanatory drawings like this one can be useful ...

However, the Humanitas Clinical Institute of Rozzano (Milan) has decided to do more by creating a music video to teach everyone through music, words and gestures the correct way to wash your hands.

A good habit useful for the health of the family but which becomes of essential importance in public places and health facilities. For this purpose, among the initiatives planned for the day, there are also blackboxes positioned at the entrance of the Humanitas canteens that contain a phosphorescent hydroalcoholic solution thanks to which the staff of the structure will be able to know if the hands are well sanitized or not before. to sit at the table.

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