Wonderful pistachios! They also help in losing weight

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Wonderful pistachios! They also help in losing weight. A study has shown this by analyzing its effects in the context of the diet.

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They are good and what's more help to lose weight. We are talking about the wonderful pistachios, which according to a study by researchers from the University of California, published in Nutrients, are perfect allies of the diet.

Overweight or obese participants were given generic weight loss advice, after which one half of the group introduced approximately 42 grams of pistachios into their daily diet, the other half did not.

The analyzes carried out, over a period of 4 months, showed that the addition of pistachios to the low-calorie diet contributed to weight loss. In addition, the group that consumed them regularly saw a decrease in blood pressure, an increase in fiber intake, and a lower consumption of sweets than the other group.

Proof that this food, as pointed out by the principal researcher, Cheryl L. Rock, can be a precious ally of weight loss diets, also because, among other things, it can increase the intake of key nutrients and help promote a diet healthy.

SOURCE: Nutrients

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