Turkesterone: what it is and why you shouldn't use the supplement to gain muscle mass

Turkesterone: what it is and why you shouldn't use the supplement to gain muscle mass

What is Turkesterone? How is it used and why is it used as a supplement for athletes? Is it really safe to use?

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Have you ever heard of turkesterone? This is a new supplement that is gaining momentum among those who practice bodybuilding or fitness to increase muscle mass, but what is it? And is it really safe to use?

Il turkesteroneBasically, it is to animals and plants what testosterone is to humans, so there is a growing belief that it can be consumed to contribute to muscle growth. However, there is no research that can support this thesis and, until further analyzes are made and the possible ones are not known side effects, it would be good to avoid buying and taking this supplement.

What is Turkesterone and What Studies Say

As bodybuilder Jeff Nippard explained well in his video, turkesterone is one of the many types of ecdisteroids, which is the plant or insect equivalent of hormones such as testotsterone and the belief is spreading that, just like the latter, it could help build muscle for humans as well. Hence the birth of turkesterone pills and the first timid research on this hormone

The first study on turkesterone was published in 1978, and there have been others in the following years, sporadic and without major results.

In a 2006 research, some bodybuilders were divided into groups, and one of the groups was given an ecdysterone supplement. After 8 weeks, the results showed no difference between the groups that took the ecdysterone supplement and the group that took the placebo.

Another more recent study, from 2018, concluded that ecdysterones, including turkesterone, are not recommended as supplements to increase training performance.

The last study dates back to 2019, and in this research after 10 weeks of training, the group that was supplementing with ecdysterone saw greater muscle gains than the group that took the placebo. However, according to the researchers, the results may also be gods false positives; in addition, this study was not performed using turkesterone, but ecdysterone, which is not quite the same. For that reason, they are Further research and analysis needed to confirm the safety of turkesterone.

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