Vitamin D2: what's the difference with vitamin D3 and which one should you take?

Did you know the differences between the two main forms of vitamin D, D2 and D3? Let's see which type you should take with supplements.

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La vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which helps our body absorb the football and protects bonesmuscles and heart. But there are two types of vitamin D, and recent studies suggest that these two forms can have different effects. (Read also: Vitamin D, in spring how many minutes of sunshine a day do we need to fill up? Less than you think!)

The vitamin D family actually comprises five molecules, of which the two most important are the vitamin D2 e D3. These molecules are also known as respectively ergocalciferolo e cholecalciferol. Although both of these types of vitamin D contribute to our health, they differ in how we get them. The D2 is found naturally in the plants And in the mushrooms, la D3 nei animal products. However, vitamin D3 can also be obtained throughsun exposure.

Vitamin D2 and D3: what's the difference?

Both vitamins D2 and D3 remain inactive until they go through two processes within the body. First, the liver changes the chemical structure of the vitamin to form a molecule known as calcidiol. Calcidiol is further transformed into Reindeer to form the calcitriolo, the active form of vitamin D which carries out various essential activities for our body.

A recent study published in Frontiers in Immunology found that vitamin D2 and D3 supplementation had different effects on the immune system. Indeed, the researchers were able to demonstrate that the Vitamin D3 improves the immune system more, as opposed to vitamin D2. These findings were supported by another research published in Nutrients, which found that supplementing with vitamin D3 increases vitamin D levels in the body better than D2.

Vitamin D: Do you know the difference between D2 and D3? Only one improves the immune system

So What Vitamin D Supplements Can I Take?

La vitamin D deficiency it is now more prevalent than ever, with around one billion people worldwide suffering from it. Consequently, it is very important for all people at risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency (such as the elderly, people with very dark skin or people living in not very sunny countries) to start taking supplements. It would appear that the vitamin D3 supplements are the best option for maintaining stable levels of vitamin D, but a short exposure of the skin to the sun, even on a cloudy day, will still help your body absorb the vitamin.

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Fonti: Frontiers in Immunology / Nutrients

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