Do not take pre-workout supplements and protein powders as recommended on TikTok, it is extremely dangerous!

Do not take pre-workout supplements and protein powders as recommended on TikTok, it is extremely dangerous!

Protein powder should be taken by mixing the mixture with water or milk, but a tablespoon dry.

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Among the latest trends launched by TikTok there is one that it would be better not to follow. Many improvised and self-styled personal trainers in fact recommend taking some pre-workout supplements or protein powders . So far everything (more or less) normal (but remember that the ideal would be to always be followed by an expert), were it not that the suggestion would be to put them "dry" directly in the mouth.

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These powdered supplements are usually taken by mixing the mixture with water or milk. Well, on TikTok there are those who will tell you to gulp a spoon directly. Dietitians warn: it can be very dangerous. A trend that is very reminiscent of the famous cinnamon challenge that had always circulated on tik tok.

But why wouldn't it be safe to take directly dry supplements and protein powders?

Protein powders are probably the most used supplement by those who do bodybuilding or those who are following keto or low carb diets as they allow you to take in a higher amount of protein, with very little fat or sugar. These are pure proteins extracted from various sources and are taken when the desired protein quantity is not reached with food alone or, in pre and post workout, when trained muscles need nutrients for reconstruction. 

There are many types on the market. Both "pure" protein powders, also called Whey, composed exclusively of amino acids and enriched with a maximum of one additive to recreate the desired flavor (cocoa, strawberry, etc.), and energizing pre-workout supplements composed not only of proteins, but also of stimulating substances such as taurine and caffeine.


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Why it is not safe to take them "dry"

Just as regards the pre-workout supplements, nutritionist Ayat Sleymann explained that in many cases they can contain huge amounts of caffeine, which can be dangerous if consumed so quickly and without diluting it.

“A sudden excessive dose of caffeine can trigger fast, irregular heartbeats, which could lead to sudden cardiac arrest and even death. Diluting the mixture, on the other hand, slows the absorption, instead of dumping it all into your system at once ”.

A danger that should not be run, ultimately, especially considering that "there have been reports of strokes, heart attacks, hepatitis and death for not following the dilution instructions", explained Sleymann.

But the greater danger of taking powder with the dustpan, Whether it's protein, pre-workout supplements or cinnamon from the famous challenge, you run the risk, even just by breathing in the moment you bring it to your mouth, to accidentally inhale it and let it enter your lungs, causing infections.

And not only that: many formulas contain citric acid and putting it directly on the teeth will irreparably damage the enamel.

The solution? If you really need to take protein or supplements, do it the way the experts recommend. If you decide to go on a pre-workout food route, be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them, instead of believing a trend on TikTok.

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Source: Ayat Sleymann Instagram

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