Treating headaches with potatoes

    The potato is a simple and 100% organic remedy to remove, or alleviate in the worst case, the terrible headache or annoying heaviness in the eyes after a day to be canceled from the calendar.

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    “A potato is always good”, my grandfather used to say. But what did you understand? We are talking about the last one simple and 100% natural remedy to remove, or alleviate at worst, the terrible headache or the annoying heaviness in the eyes after a day to be deleted from the calendar.

    Have you just returned home after grueling hours in front of the PC or at the end of a grueling meeting with your boss?

    Here's what you need to do!

    Take two nice big potatoes and clean them (without washing them) with a freshly laundered cloth; peel them and cut them into slices about half a centimeter high.

    Treating headaches with potatoes

    Once this is done, lie down on the bed, make sure that very little light filters into the room (even better if your room will be illuminated by some natural scented candles and some rose incense sticks) and place the potato slices on the forehead, On temples and eyes, securing them with a rather thick elastic band. Alternatively, tighten them with a bandana, a scarf or a shower cap, as long as it fits snugly to the head.

    Spend at least 30 minutes like this ... the potato will slowly absorb the heat that you have accumulated and you will gradually feel the pain disappear. You will feel eyes lighter and you will set your head right.

    Seeing is believing!

    Verdiana Amorosi

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