Total intimate hair removal is useless and risky

    Total intimate hair removal is useless and risky

    If we want to avoid infections, yeasts and fungi in the intimate parts, we must avoid full hair removal.

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    Integral intimate waxing? Don't do it! The pubic hair it matters more than you think. In addition to causing a crazy pain, completely pulling the hair out right in that place there and devoting oneself, therefore, to the so-called Brazilian waxing, Means wipe out an important hygiene measure and unleash yeasts and fungi.

    In short, as the New York women of the late 90s taught us in Sex and the City completely removing the hair around her majesty, will perhaps trigger the sexual fantasies of that half-bullfighter of your husband more, but it has nothing hygienic or healthy about it.


    This is confirmed by a study that appeared in JAMA Dermatology, in which 62% of the 3372 women interviewed by Tami S. Rowen, a gynecologist at the University of San Francisco, admitted to having tried total hair removal at least once.

    But who practices this Brazilian wax? Well, the fur on the private parts mostly chase it away young and highly educated women, single and more sexually active. But, contrary to what you mischievous guys think, total hair removal is not chosen to indulge in particular habits in bed, but rather because it is simply believed to remain "cleaner".

    “Many think that it is more hygienic to remove all hair and they do it not only in view of specific occasions such as a beach holiday, but also before going to the gynecologist - explains Rowen -. Any situation that leads the woman to expose the genital area, therefore, favors the use of the razor: even if they are in an aseptic situation, so to speak, women are very aware of the appearance of their genital area and associate the absence of hair to cleanliness and order ".

    But this is a truth that leaves the time it finds: my ladies, for our underwear to be clean, fresh and away from any headache, we must keep our pubic hair or, in short, at least wax the bare minimum and give the vagina the hair it deserves. Whether you like it or not, hair from the genital area acts as a protection for the sensitive skin of that area, they maintain the necessary humidity, prevent yeasts and fungi from taking hold and defend against external germs because they "trap" them, preventing them from entering the vagina.


    In addition, in addition to the heat of waxing and the tearing that a lot of trauma brings to our sister's vagina, even the razor could lead us straight to the emergency room. This is confirmed by a study published in Urology, according to which from 2002 to 2010 the number of "accidents" related to intimate hair removal has greatly increased and today about 3% of runs in first aid for genitourinary trauma derives precisely from the practice of total hair removal: razors, in fact, can cause folliculitis, abscesses and small painful lacerations or even allergic reactions to the irritating substances contained in waxes or in depilatory or razor creams.

    Full-body intimate waxing then? No thank you. If God made us with a bunch of hair right there, there must be a reason. We are not Barbies, we have pubic hair and, once we have removed the embarrassing ones that say hello bye from the bikini, let's keep everything else!

    Germana Carillo

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