This much used sunscreen in creams and makeup is now among the chemicals of extremely concern

Echa has updated the list of substances of very high concern by adding a sunscreen, Methylbenzylidene camphor

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In these days, the European Chemicals Agency (Echa) has updated the list of "substances of very high concern" (SVHC) by adding 4 new items to the list, including a note UV filter.

Due to their likely impact on human health or the environment, four potentially dangerous chemicals have been included by ECHA on the list of substances considered "of extremely high concern" which now contains 223 entries.

But what are the new additions? As the Echa writes:

One of the four substances is used in cosmetics and has been added to the candidate list as it has hormone-destroying properties in humans. Two are used, for example, in rubbers, lubricants, and sealants, and have been included because they negatively affect fertility. The fourth is used in lubricants and greases and has been added as it is persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic, therefore harmful to the environment.

In the following mirror the names of the new substances included in the list.


Among these, the one used in some cosmetics stands out, il Methylbenzylidene camphor. It is a chemical UV filter of which we have already spoken, present in sun creams but also in some day creams and make-up. Read also: Sun creams with 50 protection: full of filters and controversial substances. Clinians, Bilboa and Leocrema the worst in the test


This substance is indicted in that endocrine disruptor, that is, due to the possibility of negatively affecting the functioning of the hormonal system. Some studies have also highlighted the possibility that it is genotoxic and allergenic.

To avoid creams or tricks that contain this substance in their composition, it is enough to always carefully read the Inci of the products we buy, leaving them on the shelf if we notice the presence of Methylbenzylidene camphor.

All 223 entries on the SVHC list (which are actually more as in some cases they are entire groups of substances) could be included in the list of those chemicals that will need authorization in the future in order to continue to be used by manufacturers.

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Source: Echa

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