The most common excuses for not using the menstrual cup

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The menstrual cup is a safe, practical and ecological alternative to disposable pads. What are the most common excuses for not using it?

The menstrual cup is a small, great all-female revolution. It is ecological and economical. It will save you money and respect the environment. You will abandon the disposable pads and above all you will feel much freer during the days of your period.

Many women have been using the menstrual cup for years now and would never abandon it. Many others, however, are still wary or do not yet feel ready for change. We have compiled the most common excuses for not using the menstrual cup.


It is not hygienic

The menstrual cup it is much more hygienic both in comparison to tampons and in comparison to internal tampons. First of all, you will always sterilize it at the beginning and at the end of the cycle, and when you can also between one use and another (in addition to boiling, there are special liquids for rapid disinfection), which certainly does not happen with ordinary sanitary towels. The menstrual cup allows the blood not to remain in contact with the mucous membranes and with the intimate parts, unlike what happens with any other type of sanitary napkin. The bacterial proliferation in this way is limited and the personal feeling of freshness and cleanliness it will be immediate. Seeing is believing.

I'm always away from home

È one of the most common excuses of those who have not yet tasted the advantages of using the menstrual cup, which gives so much freedom when you are away from home. On days of normal or low flow you can even wear it in the morning and forget it until the evening, when it comes to going home. On days with heavier flow, however, you may need to empty it once during the day, maybe even twice. But even in this case the operation is very simple, just do a little practice. If necessary, bring cleaning wipes, a bottle of water for rinsing and an extra menstrual cup already sterilized to keep as a spare for any emergency.

I'm afraid I won't be able to remove it

The menstrual cup it will never get lost inside your body. This is purely an anatomical question. However, it may happen that the cup sometimes, perhaps because it is quite small in size, may move a little higher than the point where you had inserted it. Precisely for this reason each menstrual cup is equipped with a stem or a ring to facilitate its extraction. Each cup is usually accompanied by instructions and pictures illustrating its insertion and removal. The secret is to relax, squat and, if necessary, push the muscles slightly downwards to facilitate extraction.

I'm afraid it will deteriorate quickly

The menstrual cup is made of resistant and durable materials, precisely because it is not a disposable product, but a real substitute for sanitary napkins and disposable panty liners also from the point of view of respect for the environment. The cups, depending on the brands, are designed to last and resist for a long time without getting damaged, even up to 10 years. The materials that compose them resist sterilization at high temperatures. Proper hygiene and use of the menstrual cup according to the instructions provided by each manufacturer extends its life.

I'm afraid of allergies

Menstrual cups are made from hypoallergenic materials. For example, latex is usually not included in the manufacturing processes of menstrual cups. There are menstrual cups in medical silicone, but also in other specific materials for internal use and designed not to cause allergies. We also find on the market both transparent cups, practically colorless, and colored cups. In this case, safe products are used. If you suffer from allergies to particular materials, contact the manufacturer of the menstrual cup you would like to buy, but in general there should be no problem.

Costs too much

Not all menstrual cups are priced the same. With the same quality and depending on the country of origin some menstrual cups are a little more expensive than others, but in reality the prices are never too exaggerated. Mind you for amortize the purchase of the menstrual cup will only take six months, at most one year, calculating the cost of the packs of sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners that you will no longer have to buy for years.

I'm a virgin

It is probably the least banal of the excuses indicated, because among other reasons it is the most personal, the one that most recalls the relationship with one's body and with one's femininity. Exist very small menstrual cups that they shouldn't give problems to those who are virgin. But we understand the concerns of younger girls and mothers who are wondering if it is right to bring their daughters closer to the menstrual cup from the first period. In this case, if in doubt, find out thoroughly and consult with a broad-minded gynecologist who approves of the use of the menstrual cup.

I have too much flow

Those who think they have a heavy flow using the menstrual cup may change their mind. By choosing the cup of the right size you will not have to fear leaks and you will be able to empty it much less frequently than with the normal change of the absorbent. Think, for example, that a medium-sized menstrual cup can hold up to two, but even three times, the amount of blood that would be absorbed by an internal tampon.

I would not be able to wear it

Those who want to switch to the menstrual cup directly from using an external tampon, without ever having worn a tampon, may feel in difficulty or uncomfortable having to become familiar with your body. In reality, it can happen to everyone to have doubts about the correct insertion of the menstrual cup. For each cup model, also depending on flexibility, there may be folds and more suitable insertion techniques, usually well illustrated in the product accompanying leaflets and on the related website. In any case the secret is to relax and find with practice the best position and inclination to insert the menstrual cup without problems. You will see that after the first cycle of use most of the doubts will vanish.

I do a lot of sports

In reality, for those who practice sports, even possibly at a competitive level, the menstrual cup is a real plus. There are more or less flexible menstrual cups, designed to adapt to those who do a lot of sport, are always on the move and are looking for maximum comfort. Thanks to the menstrual cup, the hassles and discomforts of wearing the tampon during a match or competition will disappear. The menstrual cup it is invisible, discreet, comfortable and when it is well inserted it does not cause any pain or irritation, not even during sports.

Do you know any other excuses for not using the menstrual cup? What advice would you give to reassure those who have never tried it?

If you have decided to use it, we recommend that you buy one of these. It is easily found online:

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