Hair dyes do not cause cancer (not even homemade ones). I study

Using hair dyes at the hairdresser or at home does not increase the risk of cancer.

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The use of hair dyes at the hairdresser or at home does not increase the risk of cancer, also and above all because the formulas of the new dyes are always cleaner and more controlled. There may be exceptions in any case, but a sigh of relief can be pulled by the millions of women who are constantly struggling with regrowth.

To say it is a study published in the British Medical Journal and conducted by experts from the Department of Epidemiology at the Medical University of Vienna, according to which there is no correlation between hair dyes and cancer.

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“This is the largest study conducted on the subject so far - says Eva Schernhammer, head of the Department of Epidemiology at the Medical University of Vienna - which involved American nurses in a specific analysis of data from a cohort study. Our data show that regular hair coloring had no significant effect on most cancers, but we did highlight some potential dangers. "

A systematic review

The researchers followed 117.200 women for 36 years and calculated the full use of hair dye (cumulative dose calculated based on duration and frequency), as well as age-adjusted risk ratios (HRs) and several variables.

According to the results, women who used permanent hair dyes had no significant increases in risk of solid tumors (HR 0,98; 95% CI, 0,96-1,01) or hematopoietic cancers (such as myeloma; HR 1; 95% CI, 0,91-1,10) compared to women who did not use permanent hair dyes.

Also, those who used hair dye they did not have an increased risk for more specific cancers (skin squamous cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, melanoma, estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, progesterone receptor positive breast cancer, hormone receptor positive breast cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer colorectal, kidney cancer, lung cancer) or most of the major subclasses and histological subtypes of hematopoietic cancer. Cancer-related death was also not high among regular hair dye users (HR 0,96; 95% CI, 0,91-1,02).

Do hair dyes increase breast cancer risk?

However, women who used hair dye had a slightly increased risk of basal cell carcinoma (HR 1,05; 95% CI, 10,2-1,08). The cumulative dose of hair dye was also positively associated with the risk of estrogen receptor negative breast cancer, progesterone receptor negative breast cancer, hormone receptor negative breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Researchers observed an increased risk of Hodgkin's lymphoma among women with naturally dark hair based on an analysis of 70 women, as well as a risk of basal cell carcinoma among women with naturally light hair.

"No positive association was found between personal use of permanent hair dyes and the risk of most cancers and cancer-related mortality," concluded the researchers.

Is there relatively little to worry about? Possible, but it is always preferable not to dye your hair so often and, all the better, to use mainly natural ingredients.

Cast iron: BMJ

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