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Sugar is bad for the heart: Consuming too many sweets and sugary drinks can triple the risk of dying from heart disease

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Lo sugar is bad for the heartConsuming too many sweets and sugary drinks can triple your risk of dying from heart disease. The umpteenth confirmation of the danger of sugar comes from some American scholars of the Centers for disease control and prevention of Atlanta.

Research, published in Jama Internal medicine, examined the relationship between added sugar intake and cardiovascular death and concluded that even just one sugary drink a day is enough to increase the risk of dying from disease involving arteries and heart.

According to scholars, those who consume a quarter of their total calories from sugar triple the risk compared to those who consume it 10%, which represents the maximum dose recommended by the World Health Organization.

In the dock, especially the sucrose: American researchers point out that it is sucrose, that is white sugar added to food and drink, having to be removed from the diet.

Eliminate, therefore, or at least reduce your consumption of sweets and sugary drinks. This latest research is added to others that have pointed - rightly - the finger at this ingredient by underlining its toxicity. Sugar is caloric, increases blood pressure, changes metabolism, causes liver problems and does the same damage as smoking and alcohol. According to a precedent study, sugar - if consumed, of course, in excessive quantities - is one of the main causes of the 35 million deaths a year from diseases such as diabetes.

So, assuming that the fewer sweets and sugary drinks you will drink and the less you become dependent on it, how to say no to sugar without giving up the pleasure of a little ... "sweetness"? Simple, just opt ​​for the natural sweeteners, such as stevia, finally legal also in Europe, or honey, which in equal quantities has a higher sweetening power than sugar!

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