Stomatitis: symptoms, causes and possible remedies

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the oral cavity that can cause canker sores and other very annoying irritations. But what can be the triggering causes and how to intervene with natural remedies?

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La stomatitis it is an inflammation of the oral cavity that can cause canker sores and other very annoying irritations. But what can the causes triggers and how to intervene with i natural remedies?

The inflammation known as stomatitis it can appear sporadically or become chronic if we do not act on the causes that caused it. This is a problem that can strike adults, children and even animals in one or more areas of the oral mucosa: tongue, palate, inside of the cheeks, gums and lips.

I symptoms that may appear are different but all very annoying especially when drinking and eating.



Stomatitis can cause a series of symptoms, the most common of which are canker sores, or of the small ulcers that form in the oral cavity and can be flat and white or fill with liquid.


Other symptoms of stomatitis are redness, swelling, blood leaking from injuries of the oral cavity, burning and pain. They can also appear real gingivitis, glossitis (inflammation of the tongue) or cheilitis (inflammation of the lips) All discomfort tends to afocus at mealtimes or when brushing your teeth, which is why in the case of very strong stomatitis, especially in children, there is a risk of dehydration and weight loss.

Additional symptoms that can occur in a more general situation of stomatitis are: increased salivation, gum bleeding, halitosis e increase in the volume of lymph nodes.

It is always good, to solve the problem, to go to identify the triggering causes in order to be able to act on them especially if stomatitis appears recurrently.

Therefore, in case you see the following symptoms appear in the oral cavity (which do not disappear on their own within a few days) See a doctor to get it right:

• Afte

• Redness

• Swelling

• Blood loss



• Gingivitis

• Glossite

• Cheilite

• Increased salivation

• Gingival bleeding

• Halitosis

• Swollen lymph nodes


The causes of stomatitis can be different and often the annoyances tend to recur with a certain frequency if the problem is not identified. Possible causes include: food allergies and intolerances, nutrient deficiency important as are some B vitamins or iron.

Generally when stomatitis occurs there is a lowering of the immune defenses, at least those that are found in the saliva and protect the inside of the oral cavity. In this case, therefore, the mouth is more subject to inflammation caused by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

There are also other possible causes allergic reactions from contact with some substances and the upstream presence of diseases such as diabetes, celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease.

Risk factors that predispose to the onset of stomatitis are instead: poor oral hygiene, antibiotic therapies o taking other medicines (such as chemotherapy drugs), using orthodontic appliances or dentures, trauma that occurs inside the mouth, exposure to heavy metals or other toxic substances but also smoking and alcohol. Stress and anxiety can, among other things, cause you to suffer from recurrent stomatitis.

Causes of stomatitis are therefore:

• Food allergy

• Food intolerance

• Nutritional deficiencies

• Low immune defenses

• Bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms

• Presence of other diseases

Risk factors they can be considered instead:

• Bad oral hygiene

• Antibiotic therapies

• Taking other medicines

• Use of braces or dentures

• Internal trauma to the mouth

• Exposure to heavy metals and toxic substances

• Smoke

• Alcohol

Stress and anxiety


Sometimes it might fare confusion between stomatitis and herpes given the similar symptoms. In reality, the two problems are very different: the first appears inside the oral cavity, the second on the outside (at the corners of the mouth or on the chin). Another key difference is that while herpes is contagious, stomatitis is not.



Water and bicarbonate

Two simple ingredients like water and bicarbonate they can be very useful in case of stomatitis. A solution realized as follows: a teaspoon of bicarbonate in a glass of water, can be used for rinse several times a day in order to disinfect and inflame the oral cavity. In case of canker sores, the bicarbonate as it is can be applied to the area where it appeared, leaving it to act for a few minutes before rinsing.


Propolis is considered a natural antibiotic but it also has healing properties. It can be used in case of stomatitis by spraying it directly on the canker sores or by spreading them a few drops on the most irritated areas or by rinsing all over the mouth combined with a little water. The only "problem" with this remedy is that it tends to burn a little and that it doesn't taste like everyone else.

Tea tree oil

The benefits of this super versatile essential oil can also be experienced in case of stomatitis, especially if there are canker sores. It can be applied in two different ways, doing general rinsing in the mouth with half a glass of water and 3 or 4 drops of tea tree oil or, if you have only one canker sores in a specific point, dab it with a cotton swab on which you have first poured two drops of this oil .

Infusion of sage, mallow and lemon

Sage and mallow are two plants particularly suitable in case of stomatitis as they have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. You can prepare an infusion using 1 tablespoon of sage and mallow leaves (you can find them in herbal medicine) leaving them for about ten minutes in boiling water and then filtering everything. After letting it cool, add the juice of a lemon and proceed with the rinses to be repeated several times a day.


An effective grandmother's remedy especially in case of canker sores is the one that involves the use of a simple one tea bag, soaked in warm water and then dabbed on the ulcer. It would be in particular the tannic acid contained in the tea leaves to have beneficial and healing properties.

Gel in aloe

Even the gel ofaloe vera 100% has soothing and healing properties. It can be used for the most external canker sores appearing on the lips or tip of the tongue. It should be left to act for a few minutes or dabbed with a cotton swab and then gently removed.


Even children can suffer from stomatitis, one of the consequences for example of disease mouth hands feet. In this case it is necessary make sure that the little ones stay hydrated, the discomfort they feel in their mouth can cause them to stop drinking and eating. If you can make it fresh fruit extracts or smoothies instead avoiding too solid and hot foods that contribute to further irritation.


Again, especially if the children are older, you can try to improve the situation by using natural remedies such as rinses with water and baking soda, aloe gel or calendula. However, always ask your pediatrician for advice before using them, especially if they are very young children.


Did you know that stomatitis can also affect animals? Also in this case it is possible act with natural remedies such as Calendula, Propolis, Arnica and Mallow. In this regard, read our tips here.

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