Sleep with a clove of garlic under your pillow and find out what happens to your body

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Sleeping with garlic under your pillow, all the benefits you don't expect Ever tried sleeping with a clove under your pillow?

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Sleeping with garlic under your pillow, all the benefits you don't expect

Never tried to sleep with a wedge or a head ofgarlic under the pillow? Most likely not. Yet this simple and inexpensive system would guarantee several benefits to our health. Here are which ones.

After the method of the onion on the bedside table and the lemon to keep near the bed, which we have already told you about, here is another bizarre system that can promote our well-being without great effort. It's about sleeping with some garlic under your pillow.

This grandmother's remedy would exploit the potential of garlic recognized in science (although obviously the research was conducted by taking raw garlic and not simply breathing in the scents).

According to the ancient remedy, sleeping every night with garlic under the pillow would bring a number of benefits including:


Restful sleep

Garlic contains sulfur compounds that diffuse into the air and have a relaxing effect. Therefore, if the smell does not bother you, you can put this bulb under the pillow to guarantee a long and deep rest.

Protects from flu and colds

Garlic is a natural antihistamine that can improve respiratory functions by decongesting the nose. An excellent remedy to keep flu and colds away.

Improve physical performance

Garlic is able to stimulate the body by improving physical performance, also thanks to the fact that it makes sleep more restful (obviously the benefits of this are felt the next day).

Cough relief

A little like onions, garlic also has expectorant qualities and improves the functions of the bronchi. Breathing the aroma could therefore be able to calm the cough.

Improve circulation

The active ingredients contained in garlic are able to stimulate blood circulation by preventing blood clots. In this case it would be better not only to put it under the pillow but also and above all to consume it raw.

Natural antibiotic

The immune system is not the only one that benefits from the power of garlic, even scars or skin wounds are protected by the active ingredients of this bulb which prevents them from becoming infected.

Improves the functions of the liver

Garlic removes toxins and cleanses the liver. Likewise, the vitamins A, B and C it contains help with liver functions.

Delays aging

Garlic is an excellent antioxidant. It is mainly by consuming it raw, however, that this food helps renew the cells of the body.

According to superstition, then, keeping garlic close to you helps to ward off negativity. Believe it or not, trying this remedy doesn't cost much.

If you can get over the odor stumbling block, let us know how it goes!

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