Red wine: the non-alcoholic one lowers the pressure

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Non-alcoholic red wine is good for the heart because it lowers blood pressure. Confirmation from a study carried out at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona

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Il wine red alcohol free it's good for the heart because it lowers the pressure. That the wine was good for the health of our body and especially forcirculatory system is not new, but a recent study carried out at theHospital Clinic of Barcelona, provided new confirmation that that alcohol free it helps to lower pressure levels.

While red wine, taken in moderation, has a number of health benefits, including increasing "good" cholesterol and protecting against damage to the arteries, it has also been found that non-alcoholic is not less. Specifically, the researchers found that two glasses of non-alcoholic red wine per day are effective at lowering blood pressure only if the alcohol has been removed.

As it also reports Daily Medical, the elimination of alcohol could increase nitric oxide in the blood, which in turn relaxes the blood vessels. The study involved 67 men with numerous cardiovascular or diabetes risk factors. The researchers instructed the participants to consume wine red, non-alcoholic red wine or gin during meals, for a total of four weeks, monitoring them at each of the stages of drinking.

The author of the study Gemma Chiva-Blanch, from the Department of Internal Medicine at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, ​​found that after the participants had consumed red wine with alcohol or gin there was no significant change in blood pressure, but after consuming non-alcoholic red wine the levels systolic blood pressure levels fell by approximately 6 mm hg while diastolic blood pressure levels fell by 2 mm hg.

According to experts, this equates to a 14 percent decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease and a 20 percent decrease in the risk of stroke. Further investigation will still be necessary, but what is certain is that alcoholic or non-alcoholic, a good glass of wine at the table is anything but harmful.

The study was published in the Journal of Circulation Research.

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