Red wine: a glass (no more) prolongs life

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For the first time, research has shown how moderate consumption of red wine can increase longevity!

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There is a lot of talk about the benefits of moderate consumption of Red wine, linked above all to the presence in this drink of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant capable of reducing the risk of contracting metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. For the first time, however, new research has shown that one glass of wine a day for men and a half for women a longer life expectancy and therefore you lengthen your life!

The study, published in the Annals of epidemiology, was conducted by Nicola Orsini and Andrea Bellavia researchers at the Karolinska institute in Stockholm. To be examined was a sample of over 67 thousand people (adults and elderly) of which data were collected with respect to daily alcohol consumption comparing them with theirs longevity. All participants were monitored for 15 years and, over time, over 13 deaths were recorded.

What the researchers noted was that men who drank a glass of red wine each day had gained 1,3 years of life while women which they consumed regularly half a glass of red wine a day they had a life expectancy of a year and a half higher than those who did not consume this drink.

So this research confirms that red wine is healthy but should still be consumed in moderation. As Bellavia pointed out: “The consumption of a glass a day is the quantity with respect to which we have observed the longest survival. Beyond 2 glasses the effects become negative (i.e. survival is reduced). For women the threshold is slightly lower ".

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