Plums: not just jam! Tricks and recipes to preserve and enjoy them all year round

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From jam to drying, here are some ways to preserve plums and have them available all year round.


From jam to drying, here are some tricks and recipes to preserve plums and have them available all year round

Juicy and sweet, plums - with peaches and melon - are the summer fruits par excellence. To be consumed in their simplicity or to be used as a tasty ingredient to enrich various recipes, both sweet and savory, these delicious fruits can also be preserved very well. And it's easier than expected. Let's see how.

Not only composed (read here the step by step recipe to make an exquisite plum jam), but also the classic prunes or prunes in syrup. Here are some tips for storing plums and enjoying them all year round. (Read also: Plums: calories, properties and health benefits)

When buying, always remember to choose fruits with a fleshy and slightly soft skin. If you have the opportunity to feel them delicately, opt for plums that are not too hard, but not too ripe. Another feature to look at is the whitish layer that must be there, because it protects the plum from drying out, but it must be washed off before consumption. Plums can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three days, up to a week at most. 


Freeze the plums 

Ripe frozen sweet purple plums with hoarfrost. Natural organic healthy food.

Here's how to proceed:

  • cut the fruit in half and remove the stone 
  • if you wish, you can also peel them
  • cut the plums into wedges, or into slices or cubes
  • place them on a well-spaced baking tray
  • put the pan in the freezer until the plums are frozen
  • at this point, transfer the frozen plums in resealable plastic bags or in an airtight container and place everything in the freezer

Remember to label the containers and defrost them just before using them for your recipes. You can keep the prunes in the freezer up to about six months.

Prunes in syrup without sugar


These prunes in syrup use the sugar from the fruit itself, without the need to add more sugar.

Once washed and dried, cut the plums vertically, taking care not to flake the skin and pulp. Remove the stone and insert one half at a time, with the pulp facing down, one above the other, in a previously sterilized jar.

At this point you can use the classic solution of water and sugar to syrup (Read here: Fruit in syrup: 10 recipes to prepare at home), but you can also add just water and use the same sugar as the fruit. Fill with water, close the container and leave it in the fridge for 1 day.

Dried plums 

A typical preparation of many culinary traditions, prunes are good to eat like this but also useful for the realization of many delicious dishes.

Once washed, immerse the prunes in a pot of boiling water. It will only take a minute or wait for the peel to swell slightly. Then drain and arrange on a wire rack to dry. At this point, you can decide whether to dry the plums in the sun (in this case, it is better to stone them first) or whether to use the oven at about 60 °C for two hours, leaving the door just open, so that the fruits wither slowly.

How to store dried plums? Better to use glass containers with an airtight lid that you have first sterilized: the plums should be placed one on top of the other, then taking care to keep the jar in a cool and dry place.

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