Pineapple diet: how it works, 3-day scheme, what to eat and contraindications

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To dispose of the Christmas binges but also to get back in shape in view of the costume test, there are those who experiment with the pineapple diet, a quick solution that promises to lose 2 or 3 kilos in a few days. Let's see what it is and what it allows to eat.

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To dispose of the Christmas binges but also to get back in shape in view of the costume test there are those who experience the pineapple diet, a quick solution that promises to lose 2 or 3 kilos in a few days. Let's see what it is and what it allows to eat.

We all know pineapple, a tasty exotic fruit, rich in water, with a purifying power and low in calories. Its properties and its satiating power can be used for a few days as part of a controlled diet aimed at detoxification and rapid weight loss.


Pineapple diet, how it works

The pineapple diet exploits the diuretic, digestive and deflating properties of this fruit, often also considered "fat burner" thanks to the presence of bromelain, a substance contained largely in the hardest internal area of ​​the pineapple, the one we usually discard.

This diet should be followed only for 3 or 4 days, in fact it is certainly not a balanced diet that can be carried out in the long term also because eating pineapple for breakfast, lunch and dinner would be decidedly monotonous after a while.

Basically it is a low-calorie diet in which different foods are excluded and which proposes pineapple at every meal that helps digest and eliminate excess fluids with a certain effect also on cellulite. This fruit, among other things, is light and low in calories (100 grams provide our body with only 40-50 calories) and offers many vitamins and minerals.

The pineapple diet is often followed with the aim of deflating a little but it is of little use if immediately after the addictions are resumed and physical activity is not regularly practiced.

Now let's find out what those who follow the pineapple diet can eat.

Pineapple diet, what to eat

The pineapple diet allows you to eat at will this ripe fruit and cut as much as possible on the spot (to preserve its nutritional qualities) starting from breakfast to arriving at dinner and passing through snacks. As for the other foods, you can consume vegetables (raw and cooked), light cheeses, low-fat yogurt and fish even if there are those who allow some carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, rice and additional proteins such as those contained in bresaola, in the lean raw ham and grilled chicken breast. Extra virgin olive oil is allowed as a condiment, not to be exceeded is the dose of two tablespoons a day.

On the other hand, pasta and pizza, sausages, aged cheeses, sugary drinks and alcohol should be avoided. It is also advisable to associate draining and purifying herbal teas with food and to drink about 2 liters of water a day.

Pineapple diet, 3 day scheme

We offer you a 3-day menu of the pineapple diet by way of example only. As always, we suggest that you contact an expert who will propose the diet that best suits your needs.


Breakfast: pineapple juice, low-fat yogurt and tea
Lunch: wholemeal bread, tuna and pineapple salad
Price: vegetable soup with a small portion of barley


Breakfast: wholemeal bread and pineapple juice
Lunch: 50 grams of rice with vegetables and sliced ​​pineapple
Price: baked fish with vegetables and pineapple


Breakfast: low-fat yogurt, oatmeal and pineapple
Lunch: bresaola and rocket with pineapple juice
Price: minestrone with boiled rice, lean ricotta and pineapple

All snacks can be made with sliced ​​pineapple or pineapple juice.

Pineapple diet, contraindications

If you are in perfect health there are no particular contraindications to following this diet for 3 days. However, exceeding this time limit exposes you to risks as it is a restrictive and unbalanced diet that can lead to deficiencies and problems.

To be absolutely avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you are taking medications (especially anticoagulants), if you suffer from diabetes or are allergic to this fruit. In case of any doubt, always contact a doctor.

Pineapple diet, the nutritionist's opinion

We asked Enrica Bovio, nutritionist biologist and molecular biologist, for an opinion on the pineapple diet. Here's what she told us:

“This is the umpteenth lightning diet (to be followed for 1-5 days depending on the variants) and which promises rapid weight loss (3 or 4 kg). Pineapple is a fruit rich in properties, it is not very caloric with its 40 Kcal per 100 g, it has a good content of vitamin C, potassium and fiber. In addition to these characteristics, pineapple contains bromelain, a mix of proteolytic enzymes and other non-specific components. Often there are reports of amazing effects given by the intake of bromelain, but at the moment an anti-inflammatory action and a useful action for sunburn have only been partially demonstrated ".

Why is the pineapple diet so trending?

“Because like other diets previously commented (for example the kiwi diet) it focuses attention on a single food that becomes the basic food of a diet presented as infallible to achieve rapid weight loss. What are the drawbacks then? The pineapple diet is unbalanced, with too many simple sugars to the detriment of complex ones and few proteins, it is restrictive like all diets that emphasize a single food and low-calorie, to allow rapid weight loss. Finally, the excess fat is not eliminated in a few days, only the liquids ".

Would you recommend this type of diet? Are there any contraindications?

“No I would not recommend it, just as I would not recommend other diets that focus on miracle foods because they do not educate on a correct diet and you will always get the hated yo-yo effect. Pineapple is an excellent fruit, it does not have extraordinary properties such as that of "burning fat", it is good to eat as a snack or at the end of a meal and must be included in a well balanced diet. If you really want to try this kind of diet, you need to avoid doing it yourself and you need excellent health conditions. Finally, this diet is not recommended for diabetics, for people allergic to some components of pineapple, for those who are taking antibiotics such as amoxicillin and tetracyclines or other drugs ".

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