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The anti-cellulite remedy par excellence that nature gives us, as we know, is the algae: it stimulates the metabolism, accelerates the lymphatic functions, drains. However, not all of us can afford the luxury of using it, especially if we suffer from thyroid gland.

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Il anti-cellulite remedy par excellence that nature gives us, as we know, is the seaweed: it stimulates the metabolism, accelerates the lymphatic functions, drains. Not all, however, can afford the luxury of using it, especially if we suffer from thyroid.

Fortunately, there are so many seaweed-free remedies which also allow us to be able to effectively combat imperfections of cellulite, From Phytotherapy, to massages up to homemade muds and scrubs.

Remembering that cellulite is a real disease there are some plants that can help us fight it from within.

Among the most famous medicinal plants that perform this function we have thedry pineapple extract, anti-inflammatory and diuretic, the birch, in decoction or dry extract, with a draining and anti-edema effect (those odious liquid cushions that form on the ankles) and spark, which, in dry extract or infusion, fights cellulite by strengthening the blood vessels and counteracting venous insufficiency, thus also fighting the phenomenon of heavy legs. In the less known there are the papaya, which, taken in opercula, in addition to draining, avoids the assimilation of useless substances to our body in order to avoid the accumulation of fat, the marrubbio, which plays an important draining action when taken through an infusion, the powerful pilosella, in infusion or in hydroalcoholic extract, has a highly diuretic and anti-edema action and the spirea meadowsweet, which in infusion is a powerful ally against water retention.

In help for fight orange peel skin i also arrive gemmoderivati, drops and opercula obtained from processing of the shoots. Dosages and combinations vary according to your problem and the quantities are at the discretion of theherbalist, but for this unfortunate problem the remedies will always be based on hornbeam (a subspecies of birch), of ash and black currant.

for external therapy, some essential oils, used as massage oil, pure or diluted in vegetable oil, on the affected area, avoid the chemical pimps that unscrupulous dermatologists give us, with the excuse that there is nothing else that does not contain algae.

Among the most effective, that ofivy it is used for cellulite with painful symptoms and should not be used for more than a consecutive week, given its high level of acidity; that of cedar to stimulate lymphatic circulation and that of cypress in the case of cellulite with the presence of varicose veins.

- scrub to level the skin with cellulite are very important, and the most effective can be easily prepared at home by mixing 400g of coffee (the cheapest you can find), 100g of cooking salt and oil until you get a "cream". At the first application, the skin will be smoother and softer, while after a couple of weeks the results will already be visible.

For the bath, the famous and timeless is always valid grandmother's remedy: 2kg of coarse salt in a tens of centimeters of water 2/3 times a week, taking care to rinse with jets of hot and cold water intermittently, directing the jet from the ankles to make it rise up to the thighs.

How sludge substituteinstead, theGreen clay (available in herbal medicine or on the internet) mixed with coffee or cocoa (100g of powder for every 500g of clay) it performs the exact same task as those of seaweed, without however disturbing your therapies.

Given the increasing number of people who do not want or cannot use seaweed for treatment, more and more herbalists are equipping themselves with creams with caffeine or plant stem cells, but I have not yet managed to collect all the INCI of these products to verify if they can actually be used or not by subjects with thyroid diseases.

I will update you as soon as I am able to verify its contents.

See you soon!

Kezia Scanu

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