Mold and humidity in the home: what are the consequences for health?

Mold and humidity in the home, can there be any health consequences? We had already talked about the risks associated with mold that may be present on food, now let's try to deepen the topic of the proliferation of mold in our homes and its impact on those who live there.

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Mold and humidity in the house, there may be some health consequences? We had already talked about the risks associated with mold possibly present on the foodo, now let's try to investigate the issue of mold proliferation in our homes and its impact on those who live there.

Often the presence of mold is felt above all in the places of the house more characterized by humidity and poor air circulation. Think for example of the cellars, the north-facing walls, the corners of the bathroom and the shower curtain. In lack of air exchange and in the presence of humidity, mold is ready to manifest itself.

In our homes, mold can form mainly due to water infiltrations, poor ventilation of the rooms or the absence of adequate sun exposure. Mold is not only unsightly and can generate bad odors (pay attention, for example, to mold that can form in the refrigerator) but it can also create breathing problems, inflammation or allergic reactions.

prevent the formation of humidity and mold remember to check the pipes to avoid water infiltrations, avoid aging food in the refrigerator and ventilate the different rooms frequently, especially the dampest and darkest ones.

Mycotoxins produced by molds can cause respiratory allergies. respiratory allergies they can manifest with symptoms such as colds, conjunctivitis, stuffy nose, or cough. In more serious cases, asthma can occur. Even permanent rhinitis can be caused by molds, as well as by spending time in a humid and poorly ventilated environment, as well as by the presence of mites and animal hair to which you are allergic.

The experts associate the presence of mold in domestic environments to one poor respiratory health, All 'asthma, All 'allergy and chemical sensitivity. Living in a damp or moldy house is considered dangerous for children's health according to researchers from the Sofia Environmental Health Unit in Bulgaria.

Le mold spores they proliferate especially in the presence of humidity. Pay particular attention to damp surfaces, such as tiles on the floors and walls (especially in the bathroom and kitchen or along the corridors), wooden surfaces and furniture, rugs and carpets.

The suggestion is never to place rugs or carpets in areas where there is moisture or water leaks, near sinks or in areas where condensation occurs frequently. People with chemical sensitivities are the most exposed to the negative consequences of molds and should protect themselves first of all by trying to prevent and eliminate them where they live.

Try to always make sure that your home is safe and mold and moisture proof. According to the WHO, the humidity and the quality of the air present in the home affect the well-being and health of the family. Excess humidity can be due to condensation or infiltrations and can increase the presence of mold and mites.

A WHO opinion, humidity and mold can cause severe health problems which mainly affect children and adolescents living in unhealthy homes. In fact, humidity causes chemical or biological deterioration of the materials and worsens the quality of the air. In a house where the temperature is 20-22 ° C humidity should be around 40-60%. But it must never drop below 20%, otherwise the air would be too dry.

Given the risk of allergies and respiratory problems lgates to mold and humidity in the house, it is better to check the rooms often, especially in the wettest periods of the year, to verify that everything is in order and not to endanger the health of those who live with us. Allergies and breathing problems can become chronic. Better not underestimate them and take care of the quality of the air in your home.

Marta Albè

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