Lupins, effective against diabetes: they stimulate insulin production

Rich in protein and naturally gluten-free, lupins are also effective against diabetes.

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Wondrous lupins. Rich in proteins and naturally gluten-free, these are precious legumes are also effective against diabetes. Lupins, in fact, would be able to stimulate insulin secretion and would allow the control of blood sugar spikes.

This is demonstrated by research from the Australian Curtin University of Perth, coordinated by Philip Newsholme of the school of biomedical sciences, through which research was carried out experimenting the action of lupins in regulating blood glucose levels.

In the study it was shown that powdered lupine seeds are useful for stimulating insulin secretion in cells, while lupine extract taken before a meal in the form of drinks or yoghurt products helps to reduce the spikes. of glucose in the blood that you have after a normal meal thanks to gamma-conglutin, a protein contained in these legumes.

As Newsholme explains, "for diabetics and pre-diabetics, the spike in blood glucose that occurs after meals is very dangerous and as diabetes progresses, the sugar level returns to normal levels more and more slowly". As we age, it is the high amount of glucose in the blood that causes all the damage associated with the disease.

For example, in the diabetes mellitus, the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or the cells no longer respond to the insulin produced, so they are no longer able to absorb the glucose, which remains in the blood.

Research is still in its early stages, but scholars seem to be already in contact with lupine producers in Western Australia and with food companies to produce in the future. lupine-based therapeutic products. In the meantime, it sure doesn't hurt, try adding these legumes to your diabetic diet

Germana Carillo

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