“Luis Sepùlveda is in a coma”. The news goes viral, but the family denies it

    “Luis Sepùlveda is in a coma”. The news goes viral, but the family denies it

    The writer Luis Sepùlveda is not in a coma due to an aggravation of the conditions but sedated and in slow and progressive improvement. To announce it is the wife

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    It has already been about 10 days that the Chilean writer Luis Sepùlveda has been hospitalized due to the coronavirus. The Spanish media in the last few hours have reported the news of a worsening of his health conditions, but his wife denies: he is not in a coma but sedated.

    In Spain, the erroneous news spread according to which Sepùlveda would have fallen into a coma following a worsening of his health conditions. To deny this detail, to the Spanish television channel 24horas, it was the wife herself:

    “This is absolutely false. He was sedated according to medical prescription, he never went into a coma, ”he said.

    Carmen Yáñez, also positive for coronavirus (but immediately appeared less serious), has therefore made it known that Sepúlveda is currently sedated, that is, she is in a pharmacological coma.

    What's more, his wife also declared that the writer is slowly but progressively improving, he has in fact completely recovered one lung and is "on the way" to recovering the functionality of the other as well. For the rest, his conditions are stable.

    The writer is hospitalized at the Central University Hospital of Asturias in Oviedo and his was the first case of coronavirus recorded in all Asturias. Sepúlveda was probably infected in Portugal while he was participating in a literary festival, the Correntes d'Escritas.

    Once he returned to Gijón with his wife, he began to feel ill and the first symptoms of the coronavirus appeared. His conditions immediately appeared serious.

    Now, however, there would be a positive, albeit slow, evolution of the writer's state of health. We wish Sepùlveda a speedy recovery!

    Source: 22 hours

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